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Thinking of you. Wondering how the surgery went.

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  • You've been on my mind as well.  Praying everything went smoothly.
  • Thanks! Sorry I've been out of pocket. The surgery went well and we were released from the hospital last Friday. She's healing well. Babies are resilient! They fixed everything and more than they thought.

    The only part they couldn't get to us the pulmonary artery by her lungs. We new this going in so it's a waiting game to see if it self corrects. If not we may need another catheter procedure in a month or so.

    Overall things are going good. Happy to have her home and getting back to normal.
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  • I'm so glad things went well! She is so cute :)
  • So glad to hear this! I've been thinking of and praying for you.
  • Thank you all! I truly appreciate the support!

    @GopherBaby13‌ - thinking about you as the doctors decide on a plan. The best thing I can say after all if this was it was a procedure to save her life and it did. She had pulmonary and aortic stenosis alone with and asd. That was a walk in the park compared to some of the other kids in ICU. I ended up feeling very fortunate once I got to meet some other parents.

    I set up the blog below to update family and friends. The blog was sent to extended coworkers and such so I left it pretty factual rather thank emotional but maybe it will help explain the process. Let me know if you have any questions as you meet with doctors.


    Thanks again y'all!
  • Thank you :) Have you ever heard of a non profit called, "Little Hearts"? It's for congenital heart defects. They have a FB and a discussion board on their website. There are stories of hope and people that you chat with that have gone through the same things as you. I like it so far.
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