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In labor just hours before scheduled C/S ***update***

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Today is the day for my scheduled c-section. I was supposed to check into the hospital at 5:30am for 7:30 surgery.
However, baby decided that she wants to come today either way.
Felt like Braxton hicks contractions beginning at 10pm last night every 6-7 minutes. Went to bed and woke up at 1am in pain. Felt like someone was stabbing my cervix.
No sleeping position helped and they were coming every 4 minutes.
Left for the hospital and I'm now all ready to go. Contractions are 1-2 minutes apart, extremely painful. At first check I was 3-4 cm and within one hour I made huge progress and the doctor is on their way to perform c-section.

And if one more person tells me to breathe I am going to commit murder!

Two hours after being checked at 3-4 cm, doctor checked again and I was an 8!
Had the c-section. Baby is healthy and happy. I am happy on lots of pain meds. Surgery went smoothly. Once doctor cut into the uterus baby's face was right there to greet everyone!
Natalie Bay came into the world at 5:49am, and pooped 4 times within the first hour :)
Thanks everyone for your love and support!

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Re: In labor just hours before scheduled C/S ***update***

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