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The FAQs to this board were removed because they were full of terrible and outdated information.  Currently @Nana_Osaki06 and the rest of the board members are working on an awesome blog full of helpful info, pics, and links, but until that’s ready, here are a few answers to commonly asked questions.


I’m interested in cloth diapering, but where do I start?

We recommend checking out the 7 part Cloth 101 Series on YouTube (link to part 1 of 7: or the ObbsandLala YouTube vlog series on cloth diapering (  Also, lurk this board for a few days.

What is the best way to cloth diaper on a budget?

Flats or prefolds in a cover are the most basic and economical option.  You can also look for used diapers on sites like diaperswappers, craigslist, ebay, spotscorner, etc.

What are some of the benefits of cloth diapering?

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but here are a few perks to cloth that you don’t get with disposable diapers

·         Saves money—especially when used over multiple children and/or resold after use
·         Better for baby—fewer chemicals, better rash protection, improved potty training
·         Better for the environment—studies show that more resources are needed to make a disposable diaper than it does to launder a cloth one.  And again, all of the chemicals used are awful for the environment too.  Plus, do you know how long a disposable diaper sits in a landfill? 500 years.  Ick. 
·         Fewer leaks/blowouts—these just don’t happen in properly fitting cloth diapers
·         Super cute—check out the Flaunt Your Fluff thread on Fridays if you have any doubt of this

Where can I buy cloth diapers?

If you don’t have a brick and mortar retailer in your area, there are lots of great online sites to buy from.  A few favorites of this board are,,,,

My husband and I were both big babies, do I really need a newborn stash?

Yes.  Unless you give birth to a 15lber, your one size diapers are unlikely to fit a newborn.  Their legs are just too skinny.  Newborn stashes are a great investment even though they are only used for a short time because of their excellent resale value.  There are also newborn trial/rental programs you can check into.

Won’t poop get all over my washing machine?

Yeah, all cloth diapering families are walking around is poop covered clothes. *eyeroll* 

No, before babies start solids breastfed/formula poop is water soluble.  No need to rinse, just throw it directly into your pail and then into the washer on laundry day.  Once babies are eating solids, you just get rid of the solid poop in the toilet (plop, spray, dunk and swish, scrape, whatever you fancy) and throw it in your pail until wash day. 

Disposable diaper users still wash poop in their machines, they just wash it off of clothes, bedding, seat covers, etc. from blowout disposable diapers.

My daycare says they won’t accept cloth diapers.  Is there anything I can do to convince them?

Try taking in a pre-stuffed pocket or all-in-one to show them.  Many people still have antiquated ideas about pins and rubber pants when it comes to cloth.  Often when they see that using modern cloth diapers is no different than using a disposable they can be swayed. 

Look up your state’s regulations on diapering in day care centers.  Go in prepared to tell them how you can meet those regulations without making any more work for their employees.

Some places allow cloth with a written prescription from a doctor.  Talk to your ped. to see if this is an option for you.

Even if your daycare provider still refuses to use cloth diapers, many people use disposables at daycare and cloth at home.  It is totally possible to cloth diaper only part time. 

How should I wash my diapers?

A good routine to start with is cold or warm rinse, HOT wash with detergent and cold rinse, one more cold rinse.  You can tweak your routine from there if your diapers are not getting clean enough.  Make sure you spin out the water from your first rinse so that you’re not washing in poop/pee water.

Wash your diapers every 2-3 days.  Going longer is likely to cause stink issues.

What detergent should I use?

It’s going to depend on your diapers, washer, and water type.  There’s no way we can tell you that.  As a general rule, stay away from liquid detergents as they cause build up.  A well-liked detergent on this board is Original powdered Tide, but there are lots of great cloth diaper detergents out there that work well.  Check out Pinstripes and Polkadots ( to see how cloth friendly your detergent is.

How do I strip my diapers?

Usually a hot water strip (washing several times with not detergent in hot water) or an RLR/washing soda strip (soak diapers in RLR or washing soda then wash) will do the trick.

Do not use blue Dawn unless you are getting rid of non-cloth diaper safe cream, and even then, use a sparing amount and spot treat.  There’s no reason to wash your entire stash in Dawn.

How do I prep my new diapers?

Natural fibers (hemp, cotton, bamboo, etc.) can all be prepped together to remove their natural oils.  They should be washed 3-5 times before using and will gain absorbency the more they are washed.  If you don’t have a large load of natural fiber diapers to prep at one time, you can wash with sheets or towels in hot with cloth diaper safe detergent to save on water.  If the item you’re prepping doesn’t have any snaps, PUL, or elastic, you can also try boiling the item for 15-20 minutes then washing once. 

Man-made materials (microfiber, suede cloth, fleece, etc.) can just be washed once using your normal diaper washing routine to get all the factory junk off of them. 

If they used diapers that you want to clean before using, we recommend diluting 1/4c. of bleach in water and adding it to your first wash cycle.  Rinse, rinse, rinse until all the bleach smell is gone.

My diaper pail stinks.  What can I do?

Open the lid.  It sounds counter-intuitive, but the more air flow your diapers can get, the less they will stink.

My diapers are coming out stained.  What am I doing wrong?

Usually nothing.  As long as they don’t smell funky when you take them out of the wash, they’re fine.  Stains happen.  Put them in the sun when they’re wet and the stains will disappear. 

People make rude comments and/or take bets on when I’m going to give up cloth diapering.  Is it really that hard?

Nope.  People are just dumb.

I’m having an issue with stink or a rash.

Post a question on the board.  Be sure to include what type of diapers you use, how old your LO is, what your wash routine is like, what detergent you use, what kind of washer you have, and your water type if you happen to know it.  If it’s a rash question and you can include a picture too, that’s always helpful.

Why do you call @chickypoo2468 “MK”?

Yeah, like I’m really going to tell you that!


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