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Natural Sunscreen- Not greasy

What's everyone using?  Looking for something safe for my 6 month old that is not greasy, rubs in easily and is safe.  Thanks

Re: Natural Sunscreen- Not greasy

  • California Baby!

    I use the fragrance free. Its a thick ointment. A lot goes a long way, no grease, very waterproof. My daughter has never been burned with this stuff.

    FYI- Once your LO starts running around and climbing all over your furniture....your just sunscreened toddler that runs all over your living room may just leave some hard to get off residue on your tables and furniture!!

  • The All Natural Face.  
  • Thinkbaby. We tried California Baby, but it was too thick and greasy.

    I use the EWG guide when looking for sunscreens, the 2014 isn't out yet, but here's 2013's...

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  • abbyfulabbyful
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    We use BurnOut Kids.

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  • Green Beaver... The variety you spray on is fantastic. (no nano particles.)

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  • Original Sprout.  Non toxic and very lightweight.  
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