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While DH works long hours...

I'm in HELL!!
Well, as close to it as a mom of 2 under 2 can be.

DS1 is teething. Those molars are finally gonna show their ugly pointy caps.

DS2 has hit a growth spurt.

I've spent 3 days of 2 kids screaming nearly non stop. DS2 doesn't want to sleep anywhere but on me, and wants to eat every 1.5 to 2 hours. (For 30-60 minutes at a time)
DS1 randomly screams and puts his hands in his mouth. Aaaaand has been refusing to eat anything but breakfast usually.

Thankfully DH gets home around 7 tonight and will be home until 6am Monday. I might get a bit of a break. Lol.

Anyone else need a break?

Re: While DH works long hours...

  • I'm sorry you are having such a rough time :( I feel yay though. I'm pretty positive DD is also teething something fierce!! So this weekend my mom said she would watch her so DH and I could get away!! Much needed! Hope things turn around soon!!
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  • Yep. I told DH the other night that I am burnt out. He is going through PA school right now and is home for dinner maybe 2 times a week, then we see him on Saturday mornings. Other than that, it is just for him to change and leave again for studying. The boys went through a crazy week of screaming tantrums and refusing to take naps. Add in stress from my schooling and the necessary errands and I had a breakdown. 
    With that being said, I certainly hope you get a break soon! I remember those days of 2 under 2 so well, and it was a crazy hectic time. However, it flies by fast and you'll miss them. I know everyone says that, but it's so true!
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  • Thanks ladies.
    I'm not normally one to complain, but WOW!, it's been a crazy couple of almost non-stop crying and screaming days. :((

    I'm thankful that DS1 is not jealous of DS2. He is constantly hugging and kissing him. He tries to help when LO is crying.

    I just hope the teething ends quickly.
    And I know the growth spurt won't last much longer.

    I hope teething goes quickly for you @Kmartinrvt13‌
    And hopefully the screaming and tantrums have ended for you @CCM82909‌ - I know what it's like.

    Well, off to bed again. Hopefully for more than 2 hours. 8-}
  • I hope you were able to get some sleep! Fingers crossed that the teething pain and growth spurt will ease up for you today!
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  • I slept, in 2 hour spurts.
    DS2 ate every 2 hours. 2 of his sleeps were on the pnp. The others were on my chest.

    DS1 only screamed briefly once today.
    I hope the teeth pop through soon.

    DH has tried to take the little one as much as possible today to give me a break. DD is here and entertaining DS1.
    I'm hoping for a nap. But since its 4:30, it's likely I won't get one. Maybe a rest though...
  • :( hope u catch a break soon! You are one brave momma for doing 2 under 2, or IMO 2 under 10!! Lol I miss A being a Baby but not waking every 2 hours for an hr of bottle n burping! A has been teething here, he has cut 3 molars this month! His eating is HORRIBLE! I try to over him soft foods when he's refusing to eat ( which is always :(. ) but he's never ate well and now I worry every day because I feel like I can't even get a total of one meal a day in him this week. He's only 20 lbs as is! Oi. Wish my lil man would just EAT!!! Hoping it's just the teething and things change soon. His sleep has been crap too.
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  • oh my, this sounds tough. So sorry you are going through this. My LO would only sleep on me for the first 6 weeks as well and she fed for super long periods and then would scream and scream. She turned out to have reflux. Combined with the growth spurt it was hell. I have nothing but respect for you, handling two kids going through such things.

    Hang in there. Maybe DH can give you a break this week - like an evening in someone else's living room, just chilling?

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