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Hello from Italy!

Hello Ladies!

I moved to Rome, Italy a few years ago to be with my husband who is from here. Anyone else out here? I found an English-speaking mom's group a while ago, before we were "there" yet, but for the life of me I can't find it now. My husband is a nurse and knows some good Gynecologists, but if anyone knows an English-speaking doctor, that would be pretty awesome. My Italian suffers when I am stressed, so I have nightmares of being in labor and not understanding anything anyone is saying. 

Well I just wanted to say 'hello' and see if anyone else was out there. Hello!


Re: Hello from Italy!

  • HI Kait!  Unfortunately, I'm not in Italy, but I am in Brussels (kind of close?).  I've found a lot of mom/baby groups on Facebook, maybe you can look there?  Also, the American embassy should have a list of American and/or English speaking doctors in your city.  Good luck and all the best!
  • Hi! Good luck to you and din't stress about labor. I was living in a french speaking part of Switzerland when we had DD and my doctor joked that all I needed to understand for that part was 'poussez!' which means 'push'.. :) figure that out in Italian. :)
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