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Leaving house with 2

Hi ladies was wondering if Im the only one who gets anxiety and stressed with taking two out. I have an almost 6mo old and my almost 2 yr old throws fits. Find it so stressful to te point where I barely leave the house

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    I'm in the exact same boat with my DD's, who are also almost 6 months and almost 2 years! The 6 month old is easy enough but my 2 year old is a loose cannon! Sometimes she's great and other times she is throwing fits left and right. My older one does not like to be put in the stroller or in a shopping cart for more than 10 minutes and when I let her walk on her own she goes nuts if I don't let her go exactly where she wants. I don't have much advice other than, this too shall pass. Just know your not alone and GL!

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    My youngest is a crazy person.  Seriously.  It's so hard to explain but he's just crazy like 95% of the time.  That said, I would go crazy if I didn't get out.  I would start small and have low expectations. Try places where the older one can walk like a kid's museum or something.  The more you do it, the easier it gets and just have set limits about what you will handle.  Even if you got out for 30 mins one day, it will keep getting better and better.  Try places where your chances for success are higher and where the older one can't get into too much trouble.  You may be pleasantly surprised.  

    I'm fortunate enough that my oldest is an angel and my son is a loose canon. Now having 2 toddlers, it's getting much harder to get out than it was when we had a baby and toddler.  
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