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Gluten intolerance- just diagnosed

DD just turned 5 and was diagnosed this week as very gluten intolerant. We are scrambling to change our house to a gluten-free zone but don't know where to start. Any pointers? She's a vegetarian as well.


Re: Gluten intolerance- just diagnosed

  • We changed over in Nov so I remember that scrambling feeling well.  We bought way more processed things than we used to those first few weeks just to survive.  Then I started scouring Pinterest for recipes and asking friends on Facebook for ideas.  I still will randomly have a meltdown over not being able to find anything to eat but most days now it is just second nature. 

    Once you get your food under control, I suggest looking at your beauty products.  I used to keep Bath and Body Works items around as kind of splurge items but many of their products have wheat in them.  That is just one example but there are a lot of things with gluten in them so you have to be careful.

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  • We are not GF, but I have a good friend who is. They bought a house recently and did a lot of renovations. She mentioned how nice it was having new cabinets, since they hadn't touched any food. So besides the buying/cooking new food aspect, I'd make it a point to give your cabinets/kitchen a good cleaning once you've removed the foods you need to.
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    We went to strict fruits and veggies and then I bought GF waffles and chips. I did that until I could get my mind wrapped around it. Ds was eating mostly that anyway so he didn't mind

    We also immediately started mock checking labels even if I knew and said "hmmmmm does this have Gluten in it? Nope. Ok it is B safe" he was 2.5 at the time. He is now 3.5 and asks every single time if is has gluten and is it B safe ( he also asks for nuts as well since he is all nut allergic) it took home about 3 months to catch on
  • As a Celiac, I can probably answer any questions you have, feel free to message me. My tips are, any pots/pans clean them in the Clorox/water mix like you do children's toys and ensure they are rinsed SUPER well. I washed mine and rinsed and then put them in my dishwasher on high temp wash. There are tons of foods that you can just replace your normal foods. Annie's has GF Mac and Cheese, corn tortillas for tacos or burritos, Kinnikinnick makes great cookies, donuts, etc for any special things you need. There are several GF flours on the market that work just like normal flour to make any recipes your family enjoys.

    In addition, if DD continues to have issues like before keep in mind that some GF people have to cut out dairy for a little while until healing has occurred to feel truly better.

  • DD just turned 5 and was diagnosed this week as very gluten intolerant. We are scrambling to change our house to a gluten-free zone but don't know where to start. Any pointers? She's a vegetarian as well.


    Hi!  I am not sure if you will see this, but I was wondering what drove you to have her tested?  My DD (who also just turned 5) is going next Friday to a pediatric GI specialist.  She has had a sensitive tummy her whole life and nothing I cut out had made her feel any better. 
  • Everything must be dishwasher safe and if anything leaves a cabinet it needs to be used or go in the dishwasher never put anything back once it hits a counter.

    My entire family has celiac, LO might have it waiting to find out.
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    Yours doesn't have to be a sad story


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