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Mine:   Yesterday I picked up my daughter and her friend from preschool, and at a stop light there was some younger looking guys in a truck blasting rap music with the windows rolled down. You know what I did? I didn't roll my windows up, instead I turned my music up even louder, causing everyone in surrounding cars to look at me... the song was "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid. As we drove away and I turned down the music my 4 year old says, "mom, you're so cool."
Yes... yes I am.

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    I listen to the Elizabeth Mitchell channel on my pandora all the time, even though it is allegedly for my daughter.
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    My husband has been on active duty for the military since end of jan and were due on 4/27. He graduates on May 2 and on says he's not gonna make it for the birth. Little man is def going to come early. My husband texted me the other day if he could get me an appreciation present not a push present for being alone with our two year old and his 11 yo ( previous marriage) for the last three/four months. Damn straight you can buy me something Shiney!!!!
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    My MIL wears THE WORST perfume (which she applies heavily) and every time she comes over we have to change the kiddos' outfits because the scent lingers. DH and I are so fed up with it that he told her the baby broke out in hives today after she left just so she won't wear it around us any more.

    Little white lies...

    That is awesome!!







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