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Fantastic/Fuck It Friday


I am enjoying decaf coffee now that I've gotten some non dairy creamer. Oh, breastfeeding.

Seeing my best friend from HS and her daughter tomorrow. Doing either a 5k ($$$ so IDK) or going to another used kid stuff sale. She'll be meeting E for the first time.

My mom took off Th and today so we could go to a used kid sale yesterday. It was meh, but we got some good stuff.

Fuck It...

I'm exhausted.

I have to go back to VA in two weeks and my money is pretty much run dry. I can pay my May rent, a few bills, and that's it. Praying it's not super hot bc now I get to enjoy a car with no AC and a broken window and no money to fix it. IDK how I am going to do this now with her. It's one thing for me to drip sweat but she cannot. I pray my dad loans me money again until I get CS in June (hopefully) and/or student loan $$$ again.

I wish I was a milk machine. I've tried EVERYTHING to increase production and no luck. When I pump, it takes me two times on each breast to get enough for one feeding. I know she gets plenty but I hate pumping. I have no idea how I'm going to establish a freezer stash for when I go back to work.

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Re: Fantastic/Fuck It Friday

  • @Eg214 remember there is no shame in formula. I had shit for a supply when i started nursing. One thibg i loved about my bmb while i had a newborn is that i had so much support when i was having trouble with nuraing amd just as much support when i switched to formula.

    Fuck it. Bentley is in special form. If i set him down he screams till i pick him up. If i try to eat he tries to steal my food. If i try to feed him he clamps.his.mouth shut and refuses food but i cant get him to stay up late enough to get suppee cooked.

    Fabulous, the weather. Omg its glorious the only way i can get bentlwy to be happy this week is to take him outside ans let him play with the grass and dirt. But the weather is poopy today. Booo!
  • Fantastic: I took today off to get shit done around the house.

    Fuck: my asshole dad decided to make an appointment for today at noon that requires he have a ride home from. Knowing I had today off, he guilted me into taking him. It's a half hour or so to the place, so that is an hour lost round trip AND I have no idea how long this appointment is supposed to be. Asshole. It would be nice to clean the house without DD constantly needing attention, but I guess I can't do that... I'll just have to reserve cleaning to her nap/bed time.
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  • Hope you can get lots of cleaning done during nap amd bed time!
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    @roxalot I'm sorry :( cleaning with kids is damn near impossible.

    Fantastic: It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

    Fuck It: My daughter's first daycare was crashed into by a car earlier this week. The crash killed the younger sister of one of her former classmates. The whole community is kinda rocked by it -- we went to a Girl Scouts event last night and my friends and I just kind of stood around in a daze. 

    Also, the other day I cleaned up the MASSIVE PILE of cigarette butts and ashes my sister had let accumulate on the patio. Apparently garbage cans and ash trays are nonexistent because she let that shit accumulate for a month. I cannot stand the smell of it so I had just kind of avoided the patio, but now it's warm so DD goes out to swim and I have to sit out there and watch her. Plus, it was getting tracked in on the bottoms of shoes and feet. So I cleaned it up.

    As of this morning, I counted an entire pack's worth that has accumulated since I cleaned it all up. ARGH.
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    Throwing leaves <3
  • Fuck!!! We just got home, I pick up Harley in a half hour. I haven't had lunch and my dad ended up not having anything done because he had a sudden attack of the shits! Ugh!!!
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  • @Roxalot hugs for you im sorry
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