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of course this would happen

Since before my BFP I've been feeling very sick. No appetite and if I do eat just sick to my stomach. Never had anything like this with my first two pregnancies. Well of course today I'm hosting a dinner fundraiser for for 400 people and I've already throw up twice this morning. Vomit and cooking/ serving food for a spaghetti dinner do not mix. Hoping to get through this day without anymore vomit. :-&

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  • yikes that stinks! I wish I had some trick that would help, but I don't.  Good luck!!
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  • With all three of my previous pregnancies I had bad morning sickness and Ginger Ale helped a lot! Hope that helps! Good luck!
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  • Bummer! Hope you feel better!

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  • Oh no! I've been drinking water with ginger and lemon in it and it helps tons! Hope you make it!
  • Try eating 1-2 slices of dried mango every hr or so; it made my constant 24/7 nausea go away!  Apparently, it's a big natural remedy in Asia

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  • No fun! Lemonade or lemon drops really helped me through morning sickness.

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  • I've just now been getting sick first thing in the morning and it lasts from about when I get up to around 10am... I have figured out that if I get some dry crackers in my stomach immediately and sip on diet ginger ale, it keeps it down.  Currently sitting at my desk at work trying to get it to go away completely before a meeting at 10, but its definitely better.  I was also able to eat a banana this morning and that helped a bit.  I am also really enjoying Trader Joe's Pear Ginger tea. Feel better!  ~O)
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    NOTHING helped me last time except Zofran. I hope it gets better, but I am a firm believer in meds for nausea.
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  • Thanks Everyone. I was able to Make it through the day without anything else coming up but wasn't able to each much. On the bright side raised $3500 for our animal rescue
  • Hang in there girl! What you're doing is awesome!
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