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Baby Cache Vienna compatible mobiles

I bought the Baby Cache Vienna set and am having trouble finding a mobile handle that fits the crib. Does anyone have any suggestions of what they've bought that worked? Please help!

Re: Baby Cache Vienna compatible mobiles

  • I had a baby cache oxford crib and the top rail was wide. I ended up getting a fisher price precious planets 2 in 1 mobile. I liked it enough to buy another one for my younger daughter.
  • ss265ss265 member

    The side rail on the Vienna crib looks very similar to my Baby Cache Montana crib. The Fisher Price rainforest mobile fit my crib well.

    When are you planning to transition baby to the crib? Most mobiles become useless once the baby starts to push up on hands and knees and on my Fisher Price mobile, it says to not use the "arm" part once the baby is 5 months. We transitioned DS to his crib at 5 months and only used the "arm" part of the mobile for maybe a month. After that, we had to remove the "arm" and just have the music/lights portion on. Some mobiles don't allow this detachable option though so if are planning to transition baby to crib later on, you might want to skip the mobile completely.

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