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Seeing my coworker fuck off and chat up another co worker for 47 mins now really does not give me motivation to do my job. We are the ONLY 2 in our department.... 

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  • I hate that. One of my co workers constantly asks for help to finish up her job and I see her chit chatting with others all the time.

    I once told her that if she has time to chat she should have time to do her work, so needles to say she doesn't like me very much.


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  • I love that you timed how long she's been chatting--LOL!


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  • I love that you timed how long she's been chatting--LOL!
    Roughly LOL. It just aggravates me b/c she gets all pissy if i get personal phone calls or if i chat with anyone.... Good thing she never knows when i'm on the bump LMAO!! 

    But i mean come on pot meet kettle.
  • I left another department for that exact reason.... we had four people and only two of us worked. It drove me nuts!

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