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My mind jumps the gun....

Still prego btw......so EVERY time I have some new pain or sensation....is this it? Is this a contraction? Maybe it's a sign of impending labor?!?!? Every discharge, maybe it's my water breaking or a trickle starting! This is my second time around, so I know what contractions feel like, but last time I woke up with severe back pain and contractions....went from zero to sixty overnight and I know this one could be totally different (and has been from day one) I'm just so anxious to get this thing going that every little new feeling I'm like 'maybe this is it!?!?' Oy....it's a roller coaster!!!

Re: My mind jumps the gun....

  • I'm a FTM, so I feel like this is me daily! I'm constantly asking myself, "Braxton Hicks or Labor contractions?" .... I just want my water to break, so I don't look like a damn fool for going to the hospital for fake labor. I'm so afraid I'll be wrong when the time comes.

    I'm a FTM as well and this is me exactly!

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  • I go back and forth on this! All weekend I was like ANY MINUTE NOW, but now that the week has started and I've gone ahead and made plans, I've realized I've just sort of assumed that baby's not going to bother coming all week. I'm still hunting for bloody mucus and over-analyzing every trickle of fluid, but I've come to accept my frequent but irregular, painful contractions as part of life and stopped thinking about the possibility that I'm actually going to go into labour. I think more than anything I'm annoyed by not being able to plan my week :)

    Oh well...I've got my 40 week appointment today, will see how it goes.
  • Same here! Last time I had my water break as the first sign of labour and contractions didn't start until a few hours later. This time I start thinking every time I have a contraction "Okay, maybe THIS will be when they start getting regular." I know I'll either show up way too early or wait way too long.

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  • Omg it's like you ladies are inside my brain! Every little change, every feeling I am wondering if it's time. It's a complete mind fuck and I'm not dealing with it as well as I should. Sitting around and just wondering when it's going to happen is making me crazy!
  • Same here. Every doctor's appointment so far I've been more effaced and more dilated, then I lost my mucus plug on Friday and although I know none of those things mean imminent labor, I was hoping that he would come this past weekend. Nope! Now that the week has started I feel like I'm going to be pregnant for awhile longer (not sure why my brain jumped from "almost here!" to "not for awhile" but oh well, I just need to get my mind off of it!)
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  • This is my 2nd baby. My first had already arrived and we were home from the hospital at this point in my PG. And with him I had just a few BH in the weeks before but no contractions, back pain, etc. so as soon as contractions started they were regular and I was in labor and had DS within 11 hours.

    This baby is totally different - no dilation, she has not dropped but I keep waking up with contractions in the middle of the night and then they stop. And now that I am no longer going into work I feel like I am just waiting. But I know she's got to be here in the next two weeks so I am just being as patient as I can.


  • This is my 2nd time around but last time I was induced and had no labor signs before the doc broke my water. So this time I'm not sure what to expect! Every 'contraction' has me wondering if it's go time but I am only 37.3 days so who knows how much longer I will drive myself crazy!
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