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Worst thing you did during labor?

Did you yell at your partner to get out of the room? Ask the doctor to double up on the drugs? Share your delivery room stories!

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Re: Worst thing you did during labor?

  • Lelo2006 said:
    Me too.  And didn't care, either.  I really wish someone had told me about that.
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  • Popped and vomited everywhere
  • Pooped...and then pooped again!
  • While in triage, in between contraction moans, I kept farting uncontrollably, dh and I were cracking up when I wasn't howling in pain. The nurse came in and said we were cute (because of the giggling) guess she didn't hear the rest..
  • My pelvis tore, we all heard it. I sat up looked the doctor in the face and said "WHAT'D YOU BREAK?!?!" She thought it was babies clavicle thank Goodness it was just me. The nurses laughed though. My entire labor 37.5 hours and delivery 8.5 hours of pushing (10am-6:35pm) we were all laughing.
  • Despite all my plans and desires, I had to have a C-section because my baby was breech. During the preparation process I told the nurses I was left with the desire to feel the contractions and labor pains (because it was true) and they all laughed at me. My doctor responded with an ironic tone "ahhh, you should have told me, I could have break your water". I hope baby n°2 can be born naturally!
  • I had my son naturally, and pooped more than once :(
    And with my daughter I had a c-section and I cried when they took me to the surgery room! I was so scared to have major surgery, I've ever only gone to the doctor for routine check ups, I felt so embarrassed for crying but the doctors and nurses were awesome and distracted me :)
  • I changed my daughters name while I was on some seriously strong medication.
  • I told my husband and my doctors (5 week early induced labour with twins) to not touch me! My first epidural didn't work so I got on the laughing gas while we waited to get it redone, there was a 15 minute period were I was on both and was sticking my tongue out at everyone who was in the room.
  • I ended up agreeing to an epidural :(
    I was in labor for 61 hours 10 minutes, I had only slept 4 hours out of the entire time. I was told I was 8 CM, so we headed to delivery. My doctor said "Nope! Still 6 1/2"... I broke down in tears as they were up'ing my pitocin (My body was too tired to keep my regular contractions going, so I had to have the fake ones). I cried and signed the papers for the epidural. I had him 2 hours later. I went the entire time, except the last 2 hours and 10 minutes UGH! 
  • Reading this thread..You all moms are such strong ladies!!!
  • With my first, I was induced and hadn't eaten in 25 hours. I told my husband I would kill him if he ate in the room or if I even smelled food on his breath. :)
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