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Carry Cot - do I need it?

Hi, we are expecting in a few months and we just bought the Stokke Xplory.  I am absolutely in love with it and cannot wait to use it. We are currently trying to decide if to spend the extra money on the carry cot (an additional $125). If you have the stroller, did you buy the carry cot? Did you find it useful? Until what age did you use it?

Thanks so much!

Re: Carry Cot - do I need it?

  • It's the bassinet part of the stroller.
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  • We found the carry cot to be very useful.  Our little boy slept in one for the first 6 weeks, thereafter we only used it when we went to friends.  We also have a stroller, which we only really found useful at about 2 months.  After about 3 months he was just to big to use the carry cot anymore.
  • Our girl was 5 weeks early, and she couldn't use a carseat for awhile, so we found our bugaboo bassinet very useful. It was also nice to detach it and use it as a little bed when we were at someone's house. Keeps the wind off the baby too.

    Does your seat on your stroller fully recline? If so, you might get by w/o the carrycot. If you feel like u need it, just order it from buybuybaby and hold onto the receipt. Cig you don't end up opening it, you can return it there, or any bed bath beyond location.
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