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    -It's raining and people seems to lose all ability to drive in the rain.

    -Snorting coworker is in rare form today.  He's been here for 20 minutes and I've already had to put on my headphones.  Of course I can hear some of his nasty snorts over my music which makes me want to rage.

    -The smell of coffee.

    ETA: DH is forever finishing up our snacks.  Which, normally I don't mind, but when I'm pregnant and want pretzel rods, damnit, it's annoying to not find them in the cabinet! 




  • DH was too lazy to take the coffee grinder downstairs and he woke up DS.





    Potty training isn't going so well. You guys, I don't wanna deal with poopy clothes/baby and M/S at the same time. He will use the potty when were home and he doesn't have pants on, but if we are out doing things or if he has pants on it doesn't work out so well. Maybe he's just not ready? He's 26 months.
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  • Sorry @nonoemily.  Maybe shelve potty training for a month or so until you are feeling better? 




  • I can't wait for the firt trimester to be over. I have m/s, a headache and need a nap. I feel like this every day. I remember that this cloud lifts around 13 weeks. I. CAN'T. WAIT.


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  • I feel BLAH. All the time. Zero energy, no motivation, m/s (made better by diclectin, thank goodness) - but just blah!
  • My baby needs to sleep! She's driving me crazy. She used to do so well, we'd sleep until 7:30 or 8:00 every day. For the last week we've been up between 4:30 and 6:30 each day. I'm going to lose my mind.
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  • Spring break is over which means all the children are back in school which means waking up super early, packing lunch boxes and doing hair and driving the youngest to school. I love when my kids are home.

    The 17 and 15 yr/old attitudes this morning. Jeeze, why must they roll the eyes. Just tell your mom you love her before leaving you little brats!!!!! Hahaha ok probably a little irrational but seriously though....

  • My throat hurts, I'm tired, I'm pretty sure the tax return file that I'm importing is corrupt because it's taking way too long which sucks because it's the week before April 15th, I've been working 55+ hour weeks for the last 12 weeks, 5 of which I've known I was preggo and been super exhausted, distracted and tired. DH didn't wash the dishes last night and has left crumbs on the couch- I'm about to enact a rule that he can't eat on the couch, it's rainy and cold today, some girl who straight up has ignored me for the last year commented on a picture I put up on favebook last night of all this nail polish I'm getting rid of like I'll take it!!! Really? Just really?
  • I live in one of the worst cities in the country for seasonal allergies.  Mine don't usually bother me too much, but I think being pregnant is making them worse.  I'm stuffed up and crabby.

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  • I'm working on proposal evaluations and they are giving me big time rage. We had these same efforts priced last summer and now the cost has almost doubled. My budget didn't double with those delays, assholes.
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  • My DS is still not even remotely interested in the potty. He's actually terrified of it. He's 29 months old and I really do not want two in diapers at the same time.

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  • I'm still battling this cold now for over a week and I feel awful.

    I have a horrible week this week at work....just super busy and I have something going on every single night after work until 9pm which means I won't get home until 10pm. I'm EXHAUSTED.

    Which brings me to my biggest bitch. My FIL is having an elective surgery done tomorrow. You would need to know my inlaws to understand why this bugs me, but let's just say they are bunch of hypochondriacs who love being sick and in the hospital. It's twisted. Anyways, now MIL has decided she is going to stay with us. Her daughter lives less than 5 minutes from us, but she
  • oops end of that got cut off...

    She said that my H would be jealous if she stayed with her daughter. Um, no he wouldn't. But of course I wouldn't say that so I just gritted my teeth and agreed.

    So now I won't be home until late each night and have to entertain my MIL. Also, even though he hasn't come right out and said it, I think H is mad I won't be going to the hospital to visit. I'm sorry I have stuff to do! It's not like I'm sitting at home watching tv.
  • And because I just left grocery store, I want cheese. Lots and lots of damn cheese. And can't have any frickin cheese and this just pisses me off.

  • Morning sickness is starting to rear it's ugly head. : ( And i'm so exhausted. It's supposed to be almost seventy today, and I'd like to take my son outside, but holy Hell all i want to do is sleep.
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  • I have the stomach bug.  It's Monday and I am at work.  This sucks. 
  • I want to do nothing, eat nothing, go nowhere, just NOTHING.  "I feel blah" as someone said...I am hungry but nothing is appetizing...i just want to go home and lie on the couch and watch bad tv
  • DD is sick and has been coming into my bed every morning at 6am to cough in my face. Now I have to go to this gross walk in clinic (we are in the middle of switching insurances) where everyone will be sick.
    I'm so nervous I am going to catch the flu or something!
  • Today is the first day my body was not cool with coffee. The pukefest that ensued was horrible..I can't live without coffee!
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  • I'm. So. Exhausted. I feel terrible and anytime I eat I want to throw up. I'm on a diet while pregnant (because of my fatty liver) and let me tell you, not being able to eat things you crave SUCKS!

    I'm so exhausted and drained I feel like I'm being a bad parent to DD. I'm inpatient and not playing with her as much as I normally do. Ugh! This one is causing tears. I just want to be the best parent I can to her.
  • Hugs and love @Maelara‌

  • MaelaraMaelara member
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    lisaren said:

    Hugs and love @Maelara‌

    Thanks :) it helps!
  • lisaren said:
    And because I just left grocery store, I want cheese. Lots and lots of damn cheese. And can't have any frickin cheese and this just pisses me off.
    Why can't you eat cheese?  I love cheese.
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  • Girl, I've got all kinds of ass problems. Hahahaha cheese = constipation = bad bad for Lisa's ass = Lisa in tears.

    I have appt with surgeon but I'm
    Super anxious so I keep rescheduling!

  • ooooooooh okay that makes sense.  i hope that you get it fixed as quick and painless as possible because cheese is delicious.
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  • my bitchfest for monday?  i bought a giant bag of apples from costco yesterday and they all taste like wax.

    well, the first three did but i am not optimistic... 
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  • Yes I love cheese. I've forbidden cheese in the house and last night caught my sweet husband smuggling some into the house and hiding it in the fridge. Haha!! Poor family.

  • DS is 18 months. He was a sweetheart until about 3 weeks ago. Now? It's like he has entered the "terrible twos"and he now sees every moment as a new opportunity to complain about something, anything he can think of! I am exhausted. I love him more than anything, but he is driving me nuts. All I want is two hours alone, that would be magical.
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  • DH got up today and didn't bother letting the dogs out. It's pouring down rain. I let them out and the refused to come in. Now they are covered with mud and so is my entire living room. I took the day off to shampoo everything.

    When I was outside chasing the dogs I realized DH moved his truck to the top of the yard to sell... Again... It's pouring out and there are HUGE ruts in the yard now. It will be stuck by the end of the night and we will have to call his obnoxious friend to come tow it

    Then he had the nerve to call me and ask me to bring him his wallet. No, sir. You work five minutes away. Bring your lazy self home on lunch and pick it up.
  • suzyrenee said:

    DS is 18 months. He was a sweetheart until about 3 weeks ago. Now? It's like he has entered the "terrible twos"and he now sees every moment as a new opportunity to complain about something, anything he can think of! I am exhausted. I love him more than anything, but he is driving me nuts. All I want is two hours alone, that would be magical.

    2 hours would be so magical! Last week DD was the infant from hell. She is teething though so I don't blame her. It's just getting to be too much. I need some me time!

    I hope your DS gets better :) lots of hugs!
  • I've been lucky to have the last 5 days off work (I work 3 12s a week), but now I have to pay for it by working 6/8 days if I work my call shift (which I assume I will). I'm not looking forward to this. After 2 12 hour shifts I've been feeling really crappy and pretty much just sleep all day the next day. As happy as I am to be pregnant, I am so sick of being tired and having nausea all the time.
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  • Its cold and rainy.   I need sunshine and 70+ degrees please.    FFS.   Winter is too F'ing battery is dead in my Harley AGAIN.....I started it up like 6 times this winter and let it run.  It started every time,  but yesterday when I went to start it,  its dead.    Thats like a 4 hour project to take the battery out,  charge it,  and put it back in.

    Its such a bitch too,  I am sure my knuckles will be bleeding by the time its all said and done with.

    Also.....I don't want to get rid of my toys.   I know,  I wanted a baby,  I really want a baby,  but I really love my quad and my Harley too.    I can't really justify keeping them because they will be neglected, but I will be so sad to see them go. 

    My sisters husbands brother wants to buy my quad,  which is already paid off,  but isn't worth much.  I still owe almost $4000 on my Harley,  so I won't be able to pay if off before baby gets here,  and I need the  money to pay MIL to babysit.     

    Even harder to justify keeping my toys when its cold and shitty from October til May.   Basically we have June, July, August and September to enjoy the quad and the Harley.   

    DH has a quad and Harley too,  but I won't ask him to get rid of his toys.   I can see him being all selfish with them too if mine are gone,  he won't want to share.   I can hear it now...."you wanted a baby"

    Any other tomboys in this predicament ?

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  • @HisGirlFriday929‌ that made me laugh and I'm not in a laughing mood so thank you. (I feel like I smell different when I'm pregnant too)

    @Maelara‌ hugs to you.

    @lisaren‌ I would hate not being able to eat cheese so hugs to you too.
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  • My 17 month old has never EVER slept through the night, if he gets up once we're lucky, usually its 2-3 times.  Now I find myself stressing out about being up in the middle of the night with 2 babies, he'll be 2 years old when the new baby is born.

    I feel like a bloodhound with the smells and unfortunately its triggering nausea

    I'm wicked bloated and I think its too early for this but all I want to eat lately are carbs, I'm going to be huge if this continues.

     --- I want ice cream :(
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  • Today is my Saturday, and I went to bed early last night like a good girl because I promised my grandmother we'd take out dogs on a hike today and I wanted to get enough sleep to be functional. Silly me and my attempts to be logical. Guess who's been up since 3 am when she had to pee and get a snack so she didn't barf. This girl. Eff you Monday for messing up my Saturday!
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