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2nd baby question

I just gave birth back in January on the 31st, my husband and I welcomed a baby boy we named Michael. He's two months old now. My husband is excited to have another baby again sometime. He'd like them to be close in age, as he put it, so they can look out for each other when they begin school in the future. The question is when would be a good time to try and have another baby? Where there wouldn't be complications. We did ask the doctor and she told us that in her opinion, it'd be good to wait over a year or 12 months to give myself time to heal and get back in routine, but she also added that she's also not against at least 6 or 7 months either. My husband wants to try at around 6 months, but I'd like to see exactly what would work where there wouldn't be problems to worry about. Thanks :)
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