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Grocery budgets

How do food allergies affect your grocery budget? I feel that because we can't really eat out much, it kind of equals out.
But buying the specialty flours etc does add up. We cook from scratch and shop more at health food/organic markets that can be pricier. 
For example Easter treats. Due to bad reactions in the past I am sticking to gluten free treats. Yeah, m&ms are supposed to be gf, but with all the soy/ rice/ wheat allergies she has had reactions to that type of candy before. So we stuck with the mire expensive stuff. Does it affect your budget? 

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  • It absolutely affects our food budget!! We spend way more on groceries than we ever did before allergies became an issue!
  • In the beginning our budget doubled but as I've built up my stockpile it is getting a bit more manageable.  But yes, it is still a higher budget than before.  Also, our eating out budget hasn't really gone done because we used to eat at fairly cheap places that aren't the best for gluten free.  Now when we eat out it is at safer, but more expensive, places such as Red Robin.
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  • Yeah,I agree about the fruit. Because our diet is mostly fruit, veg, and meat it adds up. Usually families can bulk up a meal with cheaper starches and we can't.
  • What budget? Jk. But seriously, sometimes I just want to take the cheap way out!
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  • I know lol! In my starving students days I lived on muffins and Mac and cheese. No way now with my kiddo lol!m
  • In the couple of years following my divorce, my kids and I were on SNAP (food stamps) and I was on a gf diet. At the end of each month I had money left over and I have not figured out how so many families claim to not be able to feed the family on the amount provided each month.....unless the highly processed foods I couldn't buy/eat that appear to cost so little to serve actually did nothing to fill anyone up for very long so highly processed snacks were consumed and consumed again; in effect raising the cost of the day's meals to an amount greater than what I spent on my non processed foods. Going to milk free in addition to gf has only had a minor impact on our budget.....instead of mashed potatoes we have boiled potatoes....I can't buy regular yogurt and I don't like the texture of the milk free yogurt so I do without yogurt....we have been able to modify recipes to either not need milk or used recipes that never called for milk to begin with so we have not needed to purchase a lot of milk substitutes.

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  • It has definitely increased but we save some since we can't eat out anymore. It also doesn't help that some meals I have to prepare 2 totally separate meals bc DH and DS are way picky and myself and DD have to eat w/o dairy, soy or gluten...

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