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Any 2+ moms that were inactive during previous pregnacies?

Backstory- I am somewhat new to this lifestyle. I was (morbidly) obese for my two previous pregnancies. I did minimal exercise (at best) and gave absolutely no thought to how I was eating. After the birth of my second, I quit the little exercise I was doing through my pregnancy (occasional, short, walks) and my weight climbed higher than ever. By her first birthday I felt like crap and came to realize that the way I was living was not going to afford me the kind of life that I wanted for myself or my family. I could not imagine myself sick and inactive for the rest of my time so I got my act together, started eating better and exercising regularly. To date, I have lost 132 lbs. I am within "normal," BMI range and have only 8 lbs to go to reach my goal weight (and half of my starting weight). 

DH and I have recently started discussing baby #3. We have decided (for multiple reasons) to put off TTC until late this/early next year. My life is completely different, now. Everything has totally changed in the past year and a half. I almost feel as if I will be starting this next pregnancy as a first time mom. The priorities have shifted and I am (in many respects) venturing into uncharted territory. I know it is a long shot but am wondering if there are any others out there who have been through two (or more) very different pregnancies? I would love to pick your brain. 

I am due to see my ob in a couple of months and plan to have a chat with her re: ttc, pregnancy and how it will all be different this time around. Still, would like to know your experience, if you can relate. TIA, for any insight. 

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