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Big boy bed advice

So now that we have a spare bedroom I'm thinking of getting a twin trundle bed for when Benjamin is ready and when we have the occasional house guest. But man it's expensive. The bed usually doesn't include the trundle and then you have to buy 2 mattresses. Any advice??? Or places with good deals?
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Re: Big boy bed advice

  • We are in the process of bed shopping as well.
    Currently we have a queen for DD or guests. (She is here every other weekend)

    We are hoping to move DS1 into a bed in the next few weeks so that DS2 can have the crib.

    We can temporarily 'try' to get DS1 into the queen (we would put the mattress directly on the floor) and DD would sleep on the couch/futon in the living room. (She did that while her room was being plastered/sanded/painted).

    Ultimately, we were thinking bunk bed or two twins for the boys who are only 16 months apart.

    Good luck shopping. I've seen them on Walmart's website, though not in store. Most furniture stores here only have 1 or 2 models of bunk beds (and some don't seem very sturdy).
  • We used to get a mattress for SS, and it was really good quality. We also bought a captain's bed from there. I think both together (twin size) were about $235.

    My sister and I had bunk beds for most of our lives. We loved them! It is easy to make the bottom one into a fort. Big selling point for little boys (I would think).

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  • I bought one from Pottery Barn a few years ago for a guest room.  I think it was like $600 or something, which is a little pricey but it is such great quality I know we will have it for a long time. 
  • I also recommend trying We got a twin and queen of their mattress in a box and it's a nice mattress. I also got a topper for it just cause I like things squishy. They usually have good prices on the trundle beds. 
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  • I second Ikea.  That's going to be our option when M is out of his crib. I is currently in his toddler bed (convertible crib with a crib rail).
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