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Rash after vaccines

This is NOT an anti vaccination post!

My LO has been breaking out in a rash after his vaccines (2M, 4M and 6M). We finally just saw a pedi allergist yesterday and he was tested for milk products (he has a milk sensitivity) and for gelatin - which is found in a lot of vaccines. All of his tests came back negative which is wonderful but when we woke up this morning he had a rash all over his back- same rash he gets after his vaccines. The rash he gets after his vaccines is usually delayed as well and pops up the next day. 

I am waiting for a call back from the doctor now but I was curious if anyone else's LO's got rashes after their vaccines? I know it is common to get a rash after the MMR vaccines but we don't get that one for a while. LO is only 7 months old! 

Re: Rash after vaccines

  • I think most kids vaccs are preservative free but I'm not sure.  I'm allergic to the preservatives in vaccines.  It doesn't cover my whole body but my arm breaks out where I received it.  I have to have preservative free or take benadryl before getting any vaccines.
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  • All vaccine has preservative, it's the only way it won't go bad ASAP. Super common to have a mild rash... Kids and adults alike.
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  • Thanks @light52 maybe I will talk to the pedi about doing some benadryl before the shots. Right now they have suggested that we do a delayed shot schedule but I think this will just mean that LO will have a constant rash if we end up spreading out his vaccines. 
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