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Does LO #1 understand that LO # 2 is on the way?

DH is a STAHD with DD and she has very limited interaction with other kids her age (we're working on changing this, but as of now she really only spends time with dad). Because of this, I'm really stressing about how she will react to our new little one coming along. On the one hand, she might not really care (she likes to do her own thing) but on the other hand, she's used to getting our attention whenever she wants it. I read an article this morning that talked about "preparing" LO # 1 for the arrival of their sibling, but I just don't think she'll understand until the new baby is here. Can anyone with a 17 or so month old tell me what they're doing to prepare LO # 1 and/or what they plan to do as they get older?
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Re: Does LO #1 understand that LO # 2 is on the way?

  • DS1 is going on 14 months - he has no clue what is going on or what will happen.  
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  • My daughter was 16 months when my son was born and she had no clue what was going on.  At her age, there was really nothing to do to prepare her.  I am talking to her about the new baby now but she's 2.5 years old.  My son will again have no idea what the heck is happening.  
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  • Dd was 18 months when DS arrived. We talked a lot about the baby, got her her own baby doll to take care of, and got books like "I'm a big sister" by Joana Cole. At that age they won't really comprehend what's coming, but I do think it helps.
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  • We got a doll and some books, and my 19 mo old understands at least what a baby is, and that we need to be gentle with a baby, but I don't think he has any idea that a real one is coming to live with us. We've been setting up baby things - swing, pack n play, tub - one at a time and teaching him that those are for baby to sort of start to mark out some territory for #2. He knows to point to my belly and say Baby Calvin, but we'll see whether he gets that the baby who comes home is the same Baby Calvin.
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  • my son was 17 months when DD came....he had no clue and really didn't pay much attention to her for the first two months.  Now they are the best of buddies.  I really didn't do much to prepare him.
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  • Thanks everyone! These are some great stories to hear and some great ideas for what I can "try" to get her ready. She already knows "gentle" from the dog :) so that shouldn't be a shock to her. I really like the idea of setting up the baby stuff ahead of time so that it's not a surprise when there's suddenly new stuff out that's not for her. She also loves books so I'll need to get her some baby-centered ones. Thanks again!
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  • Not a clue. We have some books and talk about the baby, but she doesn't get concepts like a new baby at this age.
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  • My two will be right around 17 months apart. We have tried saying baby and motioning to my belly. Otherwise, we have a Big Brother book and his old room set up for the nursery so he's used to seeing the other items. 
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