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Moms-to-be help with austin based birth app development

Hi Ladies! My good friend needs some Moms-to-be to give their opinions... Hello, My name is Anna Krachey and I’m a graduate student at the Austin Center for Design. After conducting research with pregnant women and new mothers, my team and I have designed a web based application called Inner Circle, the Birth Plan for Everyone Else. Inner Circle helps you make informed decisions for your upcoming birth by comparing with other women’s choices and experiences. Using Inner Circle, you’ll create a clear plan to send out to friends and family to make them aware of your wishes and let them know how they can support you in the best way possible. What we’re looking for: Soon-to-be moms who wants to assert themselves in an inclusive and appreciative tone Expectant mothers to test our beta and then send the resulting plan to family and friends via email If you’re interested: Visit to get more info Click Participate in the upper right hand corner and enter your information Look for a link in your email to create your birth plan! Please feel free to forward this email to friends or any online communities. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, feel free to reach out to me at: [email protected] Thanks for your consideration! Anna Krachey Home - Inner Circle "I made some assumptions that people would know what to do and really, nobody knew what to do or what I wanted them to do."
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