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what to do w/ LO at delivery time?

just starting to think this all through - what are you guys doing with your LO when its time for new baby to arrive? im thinking ill have my mom on call since she is nearby but i guess that also depends on what time and where this all goes down. wondering what plans other people have in place. thanks!

Re: what to do w/ LO at delivery time?

  • We're going to have our babysitter on call. Both of our moms will be there for delivery again. Our daughter obviously feels comfortable there and naps there, so she should be okay if it's at night. After the delivery she'll probably stay at our house with one of our moms at night


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  • This is the only reason I'm glad we are planning on a RCS. We don't have family within 6 hours, so if something happens early I have a couple mom friends on standby. If all goes as planned my mom will drive up and stay with DD at our house.
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  • My mom will be in the delivery room, so MIL is on call for DS1. I'm lucky that both are local and neither works. DH will most likely go home the first night (depending in timing) and rest up for that 2nd horror night when the newborn is inconsolable. That also gives DS1 some attention and normalcy while I'm gone. 2nd night my mom will take DS1 since they are besties and she bought a crib for her house that she's only used for 1 nap in 19 months.
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  • We live too far away from any family to have them on standby so my plan was to have a babysitter or two on standby so I can have 24 hr coverage for whenever I go into labor. And then once the baby's born depending on the time I'll have DH go home and be with her at night and come back in the morning when she's at daycare. When DD was born I didn't need him there overnight, so I'm sure it'll be similar this time. I'd prefer him to get decent sleep since I'm the only one with a bed.

  • We are way too far from family, so we had a friend come and watch DD when DS was born. I called her an hour before DS was born, and twenty minutes later she barely made it to my house in time for me to get to the hospital. (I started needing to push in the car.) If you had a fast first labor, I recommend having someone on call who is close and a couple backups too.

    DH went home with DD the first night, and I did a 24 hour checkout because I hate being at the hospital when I can be in my comfortable home instead. Whenever #3 comes, I do the same so long as there aren't complications.
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  • I had DD stay at my MIL house, this time I plan to have my mom stay with DD and DS at our house. I'd prefer to have them at home so that I don't have to keep a bag packed for the kids as well as myself and DH. DH will stay overnight at the hospital with me again.
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  • Another in law situation here. They will keep DD while I have the baby. Then DH will go home in evenings, follow her normal evening routine, get her in bed, and MIL will sleep at our house overnight.
  • With my second, my parents drove down (2.5 hours) and stayed at our house with DS, and with my third, my mom came down by herself (my dad had work) and stayed at our house with both older kids. She'll probably come down again for this one, but if my dad doesn't come, I might have DH go home more to help out with bedtime and then come back to the hospital for the night.
  • My SIL was on call and came to the house at 2am when I started labor with my 2nd.  I was also scheduled for a RCS but I knew DD would be early.  She stayed with him all day and then brought him to the hospital to meet DD.  I actually regret that a little bit.  Looking back it was not necessary for him to meet DD at the hospital.  All that did was scare him and then he cried when he left the hospital without us.  not a very good memory for me.
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    MommyAtty said:
    Another in law situation here. They will keep DD while I have the baby. Then DH will go home in evenings, follow her normal evening routine, get her in bed, and MIL will sleep at our house overnight.
    This is our plan also.

    ETA: DH will go and get DS when he can come meet the baby and then bring him back to MIL. That way it is just the 4 of us and DS doesn't leave the hospital without either of us.
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  • My mother lives about 20 minutes away, so when things kick into gear, my first son's godmother will take our toddler and go pick up my mom while my husband drives me to the hospital. She'll drop my mom and our son at the house and then meet me and my husband at L&D, since she's also my doula.
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  • I plan on having my husband go home at least the 1st night and stay with DS.  The 2nd night we will probably have my parents or In-laws stay at our house.  The only thing I am having trouble visualizing is what will happen with DS ALL Day for the 2 days I'm in the hospital.  I just don't think the grandparents are capable of entertaining my son who will be 21 months for 2 whole days....they are all older and not active enough to continuously entertain him. Right now my son is 14 months and hates to be away from us.....does anyone have any advice?  I'm worried :(
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  • My closest family is 6 hours away so we had a friend meet us at the hospital and she took DD1 home while I was in labor/gave birth. DH spent the night at home with DD1 and the two of them picked up DD2 and I from the hospital the next day.
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