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Re: In the jolly season of IEP's

  • -auntie- said:

    Tomorrow starts Autism Awareness Month- cue the blue lights, puzzle ribbons and panic stricken parents. I may just stay drunk.
    Don't forget all the shilling for Autism $peaks. 
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    [Deleted User]mommyof4boys
  • Right on.

    Speaking of awareness month, my work is organizing a group volunteering event slash walk with autism speaks. Participation is strongly encouraged (read mandatory). I am unfortunately going to be sick that day, so sorry not to be able to make it.
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  • Way to go Auntie Jr :) On Fridays this month or teachers will be sporting these shirts. At least the are pretty ;)
  • -auntie- said: Anyhoo, said gorgeous popular girl badgered DS to buy a ribbon and he declined wanting to save his money to buy a soda. The girl continued to challenge him "don't you want to help people on spectrum?" she said. To which DS replied "I have autism. The ribbon doesn't do shit to help me. If you want to do something nice for people with autism, you can start by being nice to me." To her credit, she did become much more friendly with him.
    Love it. 
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  • Both these cartoons describe our experience to a t.  I expect in the future we'll be able to replace "advocate" with "lawyer."  I'm dreading this year's meetings.
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    Yeah, I think we will be meeting for our 6th time over a bip after Spring Break which is after next week and it is not even the transitional IEP.
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  • I'm glad to have read this. As a parent of child expecting a new diagnosis, I was starting to look into the local "awarness events. " I'm quite aware, ha. Maybe I can find something that benefits the local group with whom we've received a lot of valuable real life support.
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