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Hi there newbie here

Hi – I am new to The Bump and while not new to not conceiving, I’m new to the next few steps of fertility. We’ve done clomid, but we are now moving up. DH and I have been trying to conceive for three years and I’m 35. DH is 7 years younger and doesn’t have issues – it’ all me. In the last 5 months, we’ve identified a cyst the size of a plum on my left ovary and I had surgery a week ago to remove the cyst. While they were in there, they found endometriosis and everything it can bring with it with a vengeance. What should have been a 1 ½ hour laparoscopic surgery became a 4 ½ hour clean out job with abdominal cut. I’m recovering now, but we also learned that my right tube is blocked by endometriosis that couldn’t be removed. Initially we thought my tubes were clear as we did HSG, but apparently not. So, I think the next step for us is IVF. I don’t talk much to people about fertility, but it seems even the ones I do talk to come up with all of stories of people they know and what they think happened to them that I just really need to talk to people who are living it before I make myself crazy. So, thanks!
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Re: Hi there newbie here

  • Tea+Tea+ member
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    Welcome. Hope your stay is short. Good luck moving forward. [:
    TTC Since 2012
    Me: Endo Stage IV (20+yrs) (who knew? Not me)
    MyLove: Pretty Ok. Low #s (i think) 
    IVF#1: No Eggs to Retrieve
    Taking time to ourselves
     Poor Responder will add COQ10 & DHEA next cycle
    **All Welcome**


  • Sorry for everything you have been through, but welcome to the board. Hope you find the support you need here. 

    Waited a long time, tried a lot of stuff, science made me a mom.

  • Welcome, Sorry your here. Hopefully your stay is short. GL to you on your next journey. Hope you feel better soon.
    Me: 35  low AMH, normal FSH
    DH: 31 Fair DNA fragmentation test :( Normal SA
    TTC: since March 2012

    09-21-13 start IVF #1
    10-04-13 ER 6 eggs, 6 mature, all 6 fertilized. 3 frozen
    10-08-13 fresh transfer canceled due to high progesterone
    waiting for FET
    10-18 started BCP
    10-29 baseline appt scheduled
    11-20 scheduled date of FET #1
    12-2 BFN :(

    3-1-14 moving on to the next step. Switched RE. going to plan 3 IUI cycles while saving for IVF#2

    April 2014- IUI#1  BFN
    May 2014- IUI#2 BFN
    June 2014 IUI#3 BFN

    Taking a break for a while, focusing on our wedding.

    Sept 24th missed period! Surprise natural BFP
    10-15-14 first ultrasound
    06-05-15 EDD


  • pblgepblge member
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    Welcome! I'm so sorry you're in this position and that your surgery was such an ordeal. Hope your journey has a happy ending soon!
    **********************siggy/ticker warning**********************

    ***Losses mentioned.*** TTC #1 since May 2012. Me: 37, OH: 41. Ectopic August 2012 => tubal damage. :'(  Stage 1 endo removed June 2013. IVF #1 Oct/Nov 2013: Long Lupron with Gonal-F. 7R, 7M, 7F. 2 [email protected] Nothing frozen.  => M/C @ 8 wks. :'( Selected RPL panel all normal. Very hyper and brittle response to stims. IVF #2 (antagonist protocol) Feb 2014 => Converted to IUI (Perfect conditions). BFN. IVF #2.1 w/ new RE June 2014: Antagonist protocol. 33R, 31M, 30F, 19 blasts to test!!! I made it through without crashing!! :) Hats off to Dr. Fancypants!! ET of one 5AB blast. BFN. 13 10 CCS'ed snowflakes! FET #1 PUPO as of 7/29 Betas: 8/[email protected], 8/[email protected], 8/[email protected] (etc.) Two sacs on 8/15, one seen on 8/18 after a bleed. U/s 8/25 (6+3) "perfect": 5.9 mm + [email protected]! U/s 9/4 (7+6): 15.9 mm + [email protected] bpm! Please, PLEASE stick this time!!!!
  • Welcome. Hopefully now that there are some answers there is more hope for you.
  • Welcome!  You will find a lot of support here! 

    My TTC Story:

    Me: 40,DH: 48, Married 10/07/2011, TTC since 09/2011, 03/2012 Started Clomid, 04/2012 Clomid, 05/2012 Clomid, 06/2012 Went to RE, he found a plum size fibroid in uterus, husband has low sperm count, 06/06/2012 Removed fibroid, 08/2012 Hysteroscopy
    IVF #1 October 2012 - Retrieved 8 eggs, 5 fertilized, 10/13/2012 Transferred 3 embryos - 8, 5, and 4 cells, the other 2 eggs did not survive freezing, 10/26/2012 BFP!! Beta: 11, 10/26/12 Beta: 2 = Chemical Pregnancy
    IVF #2 - March 2014 - Mini IVF - Retrieved 5 eggs, 4 fertilized, 4 Frosties - 8, 9, 7, and 7 cells all in good condition. 
    IVF #3 - May 2014 - Mini IVF - Retrieved 2 eggs, 2 fertilized, 2 Frosties - 6 and 8 in good condition. 
    FET #1 - September 2014 - Transferred 2 embryos - both 8 cells - BFN
    FET#2 - November 2014 - Transferred 2 embryos - BFN
    FET#3 - February 2014

    *PAIF/SAIF Welcome*

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