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Looking for a family-oriented Catholic Church.

I'm not from Cinci originally and the Parish that I came from was wonderful. It was extremely family oriented and had a very large young family base of parishioners. My husband is only baptized, however, we are both practicing and raising our child in the Church but he's not much help in finding a church because he started practicing with me once we started dating. We have yet to find a church that we are comfortable at and one that we feel would provide us with a group of young families to get to know. We have tried St. Ignatius Loyola, St. Bernard Taylor Creek and Corpus Christi. Like I said, I'm not from the area, so trying to find churches isn't easy.

I'm worried that because I am so determined to find a Parish that compares to my old one I may never find what I'm looking for. I know that no two churches are alike, but I would really love to find one with a great youth program (daycare during mass for babies, and then Sunday school for Kinderg.+) and one that also has a lot of young families- our son is about to be 2 and we have another on the way due in August. I'm talking youuuung families, not grade school aged.

Driving distance doesn't matter too much, but it would be a wonderful bonus if we could find something on our side of town so we could meet couples in our community. We are currently in Springfield Twp (but right on the Colerain border). This has been a struggle and I would really appreciate any suggestions. It means a lot to me to be able to be a part of the Parish and community, and not having that has been hard. :)

Re: Looking for a family-oriented Catholic Church.

  • We live in West Chester, so we are parishoners at St. Maximillian Kolbe on Hamilton Mason Road. I can imagine that this would be way too far of a commute for you. My in laws have been parishoners at St. Bartholomew in Finneytown for YEARS. I know that they have a school there but I'm not sure they have the daycare during mass? Very nice church though, we were married there in 2011 and loved the priest- Father Pat. Nice guy. Also, my SIL and her family go to St. Ignatius right there off of 74 and they like it really well- seems that they have a lot of stuff going on all the time for kids, and there's a school there as well. GL with your search!!


  • Cradle Catholic and lifetime Cincinnatian here.  You would love St. Gertrude in Madeira, they have what you are mentioning (daycare during Mass, Sunday school for grade K, etc.) and a ton of young families with babies. LOTS of babies. It's on the east side of town, though, and you mentioned you are on the west.  But it's worth it!
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    Fr. Tom and St. Ann's in Colerain.

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