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So, we didn't CD DS. I wish we would have and we definitely will be 2.0. However, DS is now 20 months old and busting out of his size 6 Luvs. The $30 every few weeks for 70 diapers is KILLING us and I'm thinking of buying cloth potty training pants.

He has been potty training for about two months. He always hated being dirty and now, he usually poops on the toilet without fail, never in his diaper. He'll pee on the toilet anytime you set him on and probably motions to me that he has to go a few times a week. I know it'll probably be awhile until he's 100% PT, especially overnight, and I just do not want to keep shelling out for disposables that hardly fit him anyways.

So, is it worth it to buy cloth TP? What brands do you suggest? 
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  • Have you thought about just going gung ho undies?  (I do not have experience as my LO is still too little, but this is what a lot of my friends have done.)
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  • I think is work it, all what you need are a few fitted and a cover just for night time and for naps. I'm terrible at recomended brands of diapers, but you can buy some TT night night, I think is the best fitted the you can get. I'm planning to get some potty fitted diaper toning for my LO. They are the stochenkinder diaper. Also does he wake up wet every morning or just sometimes.
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  • In your situation, I would pass on cloth trainers, unless you just want to get some old-school Gerber trainers, which are essentially undies. DD fits into both the 2t and 3t size at 32 lbs. Cloth trainers like Flip trainers are probably not going to be absorbent enough for you for overnight. Cloth trainers in general do not have the absorbency of cloth diapers (they are definitely unlike disposables in this regard since as far as I can tell Pull-ups are just as absorbent as disposable diapers).

    For actual diapers I would get GMD large prefolds to trifold in Thirsties Large (not Duo size 2),  Bummis Large or Blueberry Coverall covers.

    I would NOT get a one size diaper system like Flip, BumGenius, Grovia, FuzziBunz, etc, because you will have a hard time getting them to fit on a kid who is outgrowing size 6 sposies. DD is comfortably in size 5 sposies and has outgrown all of the brands I just mentioned. She has one snap left on the waist of her Thirsties Duo size 2 covers and they are probably not going to fit much longer.
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