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Hi Ladies. I posted on the nursery & gear board first but figured you all might have a better opinion. I've never posted on this board before because I don't CD. But I am looking into reusable swim diapers and I was wondering if anyone had any input. (I am also a FTM and don't have any experience bringing a babe to the beach so it's all new territory for me.)

I was looking at the honest and the iplay brands. 

How many do you typically need for a beach day? In my head I figure 2 incase there is a poop.

Do you wash them like a typical cloth diaper? 

*I searched a few pages of this board and didn't see anything- couldn't search to much because I am at work. So I am sorry if this is a repeated question. 

Re: Reusable Swim Diaper

  • I just bought a couple of swim diapers from Nickisdiapers.

    I used reusable swim diapers before I cloth diapers and I just rinsed them and tossed them in with my regular laundry, usually towels. DD never had a poop in them though. I'd just hose it off and toss it in with the regular laundry. Just make sure you get any poo/pee off.

    As for the amount you need, I think it depends on the age of your kid and the frequency he poops. DS is 3 months and goes a lot while DD at 2.5 is a once a day kind of kid.

    Here's the link for Nicki's diapers.

    If you do order from nicki's you can use the code FIVE for five percent off :)

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  • You might also want to pick up a wetbag from Nicki's while you're shopping.  It's a little reusable waterproof bag, that you could bring home your wet diapers and swim suits in, and they can all go in the laundry together.  Sort of like throwing the stuff in a ziplock, but it's reusable and cute!
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  • We use Swimmis by Bummis. I bring two with me in case of an accident, but we're only ever in water about 2 hours not all day.  I throw them in with my regular clothes, no need to wash them special like CDs.    
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  • I just bought an iplay from target. I needed it the next day and Logan has skinny legs and I didn't want to buy sight unseen online and then have to buy more to find one that fit.

    We went to a pool. I only have one. He usually only poops in the morning and I figured if he pooped, I could buy one at the pool. Target only had one left, anyway.
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  • Thank you everyone! I will look up those sites as well and will totally be purchasing a wet bag! 
  • When DS was little, getting into water was like a trigger for making him poop. I learned quickly not to get in a pool unless we had two swim diapers and a regular diaper for when water time was over. I also learned that I prefer a diaper that will unsnap on both sides b/c water-logged poop is not pretty. Also, FWIW I always like putting swim trunks on over the diaper, so I don't let cute prints sway me on the swim diapers anymore.


  • Target has speedo swim trunks and swimsuits in infant and toddler sizes that double as swim diapers. I used it over my Bummis swim diaper.
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