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Swim Diapers/ disposable vs reuseable

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This is my first babe and we are planning on being at the beach a lot this summer so I was thinking of investing in a few of the iplay or honest reusable swim diaper. But I wasn't sure how many I should order for the summer. 

Do people like the reusable ones? I just figure it will be less waste. How many do you think you need for a typical beach day? 2 in case of a poop? Also if you change them into a dry regular  diaper for a nap in the stroller would it be okay to put back on a wet reusable one? Sounds like a really dumb question now that I typed it out! 

Re: Swim Diapers/ disposable vs reuseable

  • We use the reusable swim diapers and really like them. I would take at least 3 for a full dat at the beach. My favorite are the iPlay and My Swim Baby.
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  • Reusable. I like to have at least 2. I've only used the swimmi by bummis, but now that I need a bigger size I want to try the honest company one.

    We only put the swim diaper on right before the water and take off right afterwards.

    I do sometimes use disposable too. Mostly for the local pool, ds seems to between reusable diaper sizes and I feel better about the disposable keeping poop in.
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  • I have both a Kushies and and iPlay and I like them both! I have a pack of disposable swim diapers but have never felt the need to use them because the reusable ones are so easy. 

    For a full day at the beach, I'd bring two and regular diapers for time when you are just lounging on the beach and not actually swimming.  

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  • another vote for reusable. Most ppl I know prefer ones with snaps. I don't want to be pulling a poopy, wet diaper down over their legs. Check out the Applecheeks swim dipe. 
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  • We tried both last summer. I hated the disposable ones. DD was 7 months old and the size her weight fell in was huge on her and they didn't hold anything well.

    I grabbed one at Target for $9 and had an iplay. Both did not have snaps and slid onand off. No issues with either. We only put in on right before she went in the water and it came off right after. I think all summer she maybe pooped in it once or twice?

    Target already has them and sold out of sizes quickly last summer

  • Thanks everyone for the input!! I am going to look into all the brands suggested and I didn't even think about the snaps! So we will be looking for a snap diaper! 
  • We used the reusable for both of our girls. I love the Bummis Swimmis. They are Velcro sides so no worry about swearing a mess pulling up or down. We always had 2, one dry for back up if one gets a mess, or to put a dry one on after naps. They rinse/wash easily and dry super fast hanging in the sun. Cute prints too.

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  • The reusable ones are awesome.  I have an iPlay plus two cloth diaper covers that don't work for that purpose anymore so I re-purposed them as swim diapers.  

    Also look into getting a wetbag (most cloth diaper stores & Amazon sell them).  They are basically a reusable, waterproof bag.  You put your swim diapers (and later wet swimsuits/trunks) in them and the water stays in.  I always keep one at DC and one in my diaper bag to transport wet or dirty clothes, towels, etc. 
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