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1st Bottle :(

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DD2 is 10w tomorrow and I return to work in 3w. DH will be offering the 1st bottle of BM today to get her used to it but we're not really sure of logistics. I have pumped milk in the refrigerator but am not sure about temperature. Do we pull it out and give it to her room temperature or warm it? I'm guessing it's the preference of the baby but I am curious what everyone else has had success with. TIA!

ETA: Well, it didn't go well. I pumped the milk fresh so it was pretty much warm when he tried. After almost 45 minutes, I came home (I was staying away to let MH try alone). She screamed through the whole process. :(

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Re: 1st Bottle :(

  • My baby did well with room temperature.  I either took it out of the fridge and let it sit for 10-15 minutes or just took it out of the fridge and ran the bottle under warm water for a minute or 2. That's how I did it the first few times, and now he'll take it cold, warm, whatever...  (FYI, he's been in day care for 5 weeks and is 18 weeks old.  We gave him his first bottle around 8 weeks and did 1-2 bottles per week till I went back to work, he had no trouble transitioning back and forth)
  • Like the pp we just run under warm water to get the fat incorporated and DS takes it fine.

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  • Thanks, everyone!

    theresat858, well the first try was challenging to say the least. Did we totally screw up by waiting till 10w? Please tell me it's not too late.

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  • It's not too late, but it won't be easy. Be persistent, keep offering. It took many tears from LO and myself and several days if repeatedly offering before she took it. You might have to try different bottles. Tommee tippee and very warm milk was the combo that worked for us.
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  • He had a bottle for a while during the first month but my babe was EBF for the next 2 months.  About 2 weeks before I went back to work we tried to reintroduce the bottle.  Offer it for the feeding where she seems hungriest.  Mine was always super hungry for that bedtime feeding.  Warm it up at first. MH also failed the first time around and it turned out that baby took the first few bottles better from me.  I just tried to hold him as close to the breast feeding position as possible.  He now takes bottles from anyone but we are still working at getting him to like them.  I've just been back at work a couple days and he is only eating a few ounces while I'm gone and eats likes crazy when I get home but it is slowly getting better.
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  • ns1ns1
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    DH gave DD her first bottles.  The first one (first few) did not go over well at all!  She refused and cried and it was horrible.  We were just persistent because she was going to dc and would have to eat!  She got it eventually though!  We also warmed bottles in a bowl of hot tap water.  

    Just keep trying!  Hopefully she'll figure it out soon!
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  • Thanks, everyone!

    theresat858, well the first try was challenging to say the least. Did we totally screw up by waiting till 10w? Please tell me it's not too late.

    I have no idea. Observationally, moms who introduce the bottle between 2-4 weeks are far less likely to have babies who take bottles easily than moms who wait until after 6 weeks. 

    Far more likely perhaps? OP, it's not too late, but like PPs have said, it will prob be tough for everyone involved at first. We used Playtex Natural Latch at the recommendation of our LC and warmed milk in a cup of hot water to about body temp. I don't know why people are saying you shouldn't shake it... I shake it to mix it and my girls are just fine. GL
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