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ADHD meds- question

DS (ADHD/ASD- 6 yrs old)  has not responded well to the ADHD meds we've tried so far.  On Focalin (tried slow release and the regular release), Vyvanse, and Kapvay he is extremely emotional and whiny.

We have an appt with our doctor on Thursday.  What should we be trying?  
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Re: ADHD meds- question

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    I'm sorry my post probably needed more info.  He is an extremely vibrant kid-  hugs every single adult woman he comes in contact with.  High fives his soccer coach a million times during a game, does victory dances if he kicks the ball,  he tries to say hi to everyone everywhere.  On those meds none of that happened.  He just whines, sits and talks to himself almost bringing himself to tears,  thinks everything is too hard. 

    Right now at night he takes Risperidone and Kapvay.  During the day he's the vibrant kid.  He was taking both in the morning as well.  We started to notice how removed he was.  They weren't as severe as Focalin and Vyvanse (these two even at the lowest dose mad him space out/zombie like- we quit both very quickly because it was so bad) which is why we didn't realize they were bringing him down.  We tried doing just Kapvay (one pill), but it was not  successful. Today we are actually doing half of his Kapvay pill.  We'll see how that goes. 

    Part of the problem is that at home he doesn't need a morning pill, but at school without it he has bad days.  Including running around the room,  spinning on the carpet, trying to climb on the desk/chairs.  Out of control behavior. Keep in mind his teacher and the school staff are not willing to do very much to help him.  They just want us to up his meds, suspended him twice at the beginning of the year. 
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