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What's in your purse?

What are some weird kid related things in your purse this morning?

I have some escapee gold fish crackers (probably picked up off the floor from somewhere), a pacifier, a sock, the top from a bottle, some party favors from DD's big birthday party over the weekend, and one of her strange little toys.  Not that bad today, actually.

Re: What's in your purse?

  • Lol i just carry the diaper bag. So in there after last night there is puffs, clothes, changing pad, a diaper, some wipes, sippy cup, baby food, a baby spoon , a bottle, and im sure more crap
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    What purse? I don't carry one anymore. Lol! Diaper bag with my wristlet inside. Kinda like it actually :)

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  • Ha.  She has her own big purse that goes to day care.  Most of her junk is in that. 
  • I just carry a diaper bag. That's got a portable changing pad, diapers, wipes, and bags to put the dirty diapers in. Days that we actually go out and do stuff, I have a little owl bag that has her name on it and that has spare clothes, container of puffs and minimum 2 bottles
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