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Pregnant after a Loss

Slow rising hcg

hi ladies, ia m trying to cc after an early loss. we have two healthy boys ages 6 and 2.

i had spotting again early in this pregnancy and so they have been monitoring my betas.

beta one 2203

beta two 3838 (doubled in like 66 hours or something)

beta three 8843 (four days apart, doubling time of 79 hours)

Anyone have any stories like this? Success or failure? My doctor said there is a low chance this pregnancy is viable. I am 5 weeks 5 days. I am so sad! We will have an ultrasound early this week to see if anything is in the uterus. But the doctor told me not to get my hopes up at all. I had read that betas slow down after 6000 but he didn't seem to agree. Just wondering if any one has experience with
This. Now I'm worried if they do see something on the ultrasound we still could be dealing with chromosomal issues.

Re: Slow rising hcg

  • I don't have an answer for you but wanted to offer ((hugs)). I hope you get good news!
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    No experience, but I think those #s look good. FX for good news and sending Ts & Ps your way.

    You will be able to see something with those #s on US.


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  • No advice from me either…but (((hugs))).  

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    All are welcome!

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  • T&Ps to you!  I don't have any advice, just ((hugs)).

  • no experience or advice, but lots of ((hugs)) and positive thoughts to you.

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  • I have never had betas drawn but I'm rooting for you!!!



  • Ugh my last loss, betas were slow rising. I did a lot of research and found many success stories but unfortunately, that wasn't the case for me. Thoughts and prayers for you! I hope yours is one of the successes!
  • I believe after betas reach a certain point they stop incerasing as drastically. I hope you get answers soon! And that everything is fine!
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  • I has slow rising betas and 6 weeks and I am 11 weeks now and everything looks good! Prayers to you!
  • Well ladies, just wanted to update that at 6 weeks even we have a baby with a heartbeat of 122. Wow! What a roller coaster. Once we clear genetic testing I will feel relieved!!
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  • Congratulations! I was going to say that my betas at 5w4d were around 8000 something, so your numbers don't seem that off? I'm not sure though because I know all of my doubling times were good. But at 5w6d I had an u/s because of cramping and there was just sac, then at 7w there was a baby with a hb! So a hb at 6w sounds amazing :) Good luck!! Keep growing!!!
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  • ... and like meagpt22 said, usually after you see a hb, they don't really check betas anymore because the u/s is a better test.
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