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Dear bump,

I've changed my settings and have saved and saved and saved, yet you are still bringing oct14 up as my bmb (opposed to my old jan13 bmb). Can you please help me and make it go away?! I can't handle stumbling on pregnancy symptom posts anymore!

BFP #1: 05/2012 DS born 12/30/12

BFP #2: 02/2014 Natural M/C 03/2014 @ 7 weeks

BFP #3: 06/2014 EDD: 02/17/2015 M/C @ 7w2d, D&E 7/15/14

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Re: Bmb

  • That happened to me for the first few weeks to a month of being on this board. I think eventually the bump fairy caught on lol
  • I had that issue to. As soon as I would log on and see what symptoms I should have been having I'd just cry my eyes out. :( I went in and changed the things I selected for my account. Like the what kind of family settings, probably not explaining that very well.
    Pregnancy #1 DD 08.30.2007
    Pregnancy #2 Natural Miscarriage at 6 weeks 03/2014 Due date 11/9/2014
    Pregnancy #3 DS 02.23.2015
    Pregnancy #4 Missed Miscarriage at 11 weeks 11/2018 Due date 5/22/2019
    Pregnancy #5 Positive test 12/11/2019 Due Date 8/17/2020

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  • For the ones having this issue, what version (desktop/android app/IOS app) are you using?

    If you're using the app, you might try getting on a desktop to make sure your setting show what you want, uninstall the app, then reinstall it. Not sure if this will work, but it might.

    Let me know and I'll look in to it.
    Son: Jackson, 11/02/06, stillborn due to PPROM and IUGR. Over the next ten years we had 9 miscarriages from 8-14 weeks. On May 18, 2016 my daughter, Ridley, was born. We're OADNBC.
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