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Fleece liner for prefolds

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My prefolds finally fit my infant, but she seems to hate the sensation of being wet. I know it's bc she's used to disposables. I am thinking about cutting up an old fleece blanket to make some liners to wick away the moisture. Has anyone else done this? Will it make much of a difference? She's a big girl (over 25" and 15lbs at her 2mo appt) so these prefolds won't fit her much longer anyway.
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Re: Fleece liner for prefolds

  • N_KozN_Koz
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    I mostly do it for naps but yes the fleece makes them feel/stay dry as long as it is microfleece.

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  • Yes I have liners that I use with my workhorses and really makes a difference.


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  • I did this for awhile with my DS during nap times and overnight, and it helped a lot.
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  • Like N_Koz said, be sure it is microfleece! Regular apparel fleece tends to repel liquids, so the pee will run off of it rather than through it, which can make a big ol' mess.


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