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Stick it out or sell?

I have a bunch of RaR that were gifted before DS was born. I think they are great dipes, but I have never gotten them to fit him right. He is small (6 mo and about 15 lbs) and doesn't have the belly for them. They gap in the front and leak. I put the folded down end in back. They are snaps and we do better with h&l . I keep trying them and keep getting frustrated. I don't know if I should try to sell them (that whole process intimidates me) or wait it out and use them when he gets older.

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  • I agree with MK. And don't be intimidated by selling. Rar is a well-known brand and should sell fairly easily
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  • If it were me I would see if I could get a good price for them and buy something else that I know would fit. You could snap a few pics and post them on one of the diaper trading sites and see if anyone wants them. Selling diapers is actually pretty easy. You can just post your ad and wait for a buyer (a lot of times they'll have additional questions to respond to). Once they're ready to buy, I just give them my paypal address and when the payment has been received I drop them in the mail...easy peasy.


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  • Logan fits in certain diapers better, and then it changes as he grows. If you don't completely hate them, maybe wait and see if they fit better later.

    FWIW, I dislike the bunching of RaR covers if they have to be snapped all the way down. I love them once he reaches the upper size range. I don't have experience with their pockets, mostly because I hate the fit of the OS covers right now, and I don't want to spend the money on something I can't use yet.
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  • Thanks all, yes they are pockets
  • Is it difficult to set up pay pal?
  • Nope, pay pal is super easy. Just go to their website and set up a personal account :)
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  • Ok, another question. How hard is it to keep h&l on an older baby/toddler? Like i said most of my stash is h&l with the exception of these RaR. If I get rid if them, I'm probably going to replace them with nickis pockets in more h&l because they fit him so well right now and they are easy. But then all I will have is h&l loop. Do you see that as being a problem?
  • You could order a couple in snaps and see how they fit? My LO is about 10 pounds and she is fitting into her OS BG 4.0 and Imagine stay dry in snaps. I have Nickis pockets in snaps on the way too and I'm hoping they'll fit. Our Kawaiis aren't fitting just yet and I hate our RAR cover that I have too.


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