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As foster parents, we recently were placed with a toddler in November, who does not speak.  2 yrs old, and is speaking similar to what a baby does, a few sounds, that's it.    We have hit our terrible twos tantrums stage of her life - which is worsened because she does not know how to tell us what she wants/needs.  We're working with an early educational specialist who normally uses picture charts for non-verbal children, but she doesn't seem interested in it over the past 2-3 months. She's at a loss.  We do have 3 signs, Help and More. And then she made up her own sign for "I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOOOOMM  NOOOOWWWW"    ha.  Gotta love potty training.    Any other suggestions that you might have to help us, help her communicate her needs?

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  • Have you looked into speech therapy as well?
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    Hi , I started noticing speech problems when my son was about that age.

    Have you contacted your local school district? They will come out and evaluate your child and get the process started (referring to speech therapist etc, ..)

    I don't know if you meant your child wasn't interested or the specialist wasn't interested ?

    It is understandable if your child isn't interested, but  early intervention is the best , Hang in there and

    Good luck

    By the way.. I think it's great that you are a foster parent..You are truly blessed and so are your children.

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  • Call early intervention. The kid is eligible until age 3 and they can facilitate evaluations.

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