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Super/Shitty Sunday


Had my late bday party with all my fam today. Fun.

Got to meet my 2nd cousin, born Friday. They came to party straight from hospital.


My grandmother with all her great grandkids (pic below).


Rcving super confusing ass legal PPW from the courts and waiting on pins and needles for someone to decipher.

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Re: Super/Shitty Sunday

  • I did my taxes and I'm getting all my savings back! That is a huge weight off my shoulders!
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  • Super: I cleaned the house
    Shitty: kids are with their dad so I had the time to clean the house
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  • Super: it was 2 year old nephews birthday. The nephews and benthley had a good time playing together amd were exctatic to see each othet

    Shitty: my best friend relapsed and her parents are taking conservation of her and are forcing her to go to rehab. I wont get to talk to her for three months. But i hope she gets help and gets rid of her fiance who is a huge enabler for her
  • @Mamaunicorn thank you. I really hope things stick this time for her. And i despise her fiance hes a worse drunk then her so he encourages her to drink even though he knows shes an alcoholic
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