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I should be receiving some TTNNs this week which I am super stoked for.
My question is do you use a fleece liner in yours or just as they come with a cover? Right now he wears a Motherease OS at night with a wool cover and has yet to get irritated skin from wetness so I am hoping for the same with the TTNNs. I will try without fleece at first but was wondering what most people end up needing to do.
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Re: TTNN users

  • I don't use TTNNs, but we use regular TTs every night. I use a fleece liner only because I glob CJs on LO before bed. I think the material wicks well enough to have a stay dry effect though, so I use the fleece to protect the TT. We sometimes use wool, but often Blueberry coveralls over.


  • No liners required. The velour acts as a wicking material.
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  • I do put cjs or coconut oil on him before bed too. Just a thin layer. I've never used liners when I do that with my current diapers and so far no issues washing it seems.
    Glad to hear it wicks. Makes things easier. I got a regular TT and one of the fusions to try as well.
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  • N_KozN_Koz
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    I don't for the TTNN only his other fitteds

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  • I don't usually use a liner but for some reason this week DS is pooping before I can get his ON diaper off, so a liner makes it slightly easier to clean. Usually he waits until after breakfast, so I don't know what's going on with him.

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