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Miserable - need help

Hi. I have a 12 week old, who was such a chomper, I became an exclusive pumper. Other than thrush at the start, I thought things were going pretty well.

I started to notice my nipples and breasts were getting a lot more sore after pumping. My sister mentioned she had Raynauds, I did a quick google, seemed to be the problem, although bearable.

The last week, my nipples have become so sore, but it feels internal. The skin is a little dry and irritated, but nothing more than usual. The pain has gotten so bad, I have to keep the pump super low.

Because I have to keep the pump so low, it takes forever to pump. I think this is increasing my supply... Because my boobs feel like rocks after an hour or 2. But I can't seem to get any out. Before I would get 3-5oz out of each breast after 10-15 mins. Now it's 40mins each side, I'll maybe get 3oz. But they still feel so full, and will start to leak majorly quickly after pumping.

The pain after pumping has gotten to the point of taking OTC codein a few times a day, which is very unlike me.

Yesterday I started pumping out big drops of blood (from inside my breast, not the nipples)

Do you think I should continue this crazy long pumping, that gets out nothing? Turn the machine up and hurt like crazy to try and get the milk out? I feel so full and sore and miserable.

I am waiting on a lactation consultant, they can take up to a week. And they are more interested in getting me breastfeeding again. I don't have any other symptoms of infection. I have been given a letter from my Plunket nurse to give to my gp, to get a prescription for something for Raynauds, but I doubt he has any good advice regarding pumping... If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it.

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  • I have tried to look at photos regarding the fit, and it makes me so confused! I think I have a really small nipple, but huge areole, which has become swollen around the nipple. Some photos look like I need a giant flange, others a tiny one. Do you know of a website I can get then cheaply to try? I have a medela swing, and the flanges are $40 each here, I don't really want to spend that if I need to try a few.

    Regarding the consultant, they are so so pro breast feeding in my country, no one really helps you with pumping. I have been given no help, no one will check the fit etc. it's pretty much breastfeed or too bad so sad your on your own.
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    Are you sure you're not developing plugged ducts or mastitis? They can cause your output to decrease even though your breasts feel larger and harder than normal. They can also cause the internal pain and soreness that you're experiencing. Pumping but failing to completely drain the breast (maybe due to the lower setting) can cause them to form. Just something to consider. 

    I hope you feel better soon and that you find a solution that works for you!
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  • Thanks everyone. I think it's been a combination of Raynauds causing pain, then me pumping lighter because of the pain, then blocked ducts... And from reading a bit probably thrush as well. I just assumed because the Plunket nurse said indie was all clear, and my nipples looked better, it would be gone.

    I'm tried pumping a bit harder today, they seem to be draining a little better. I have an appointment with my gp in a couple of days.

    I'm in New Zealand. Our health care is free. Once we are not under the care of our midwife, we see a Plunket nurse. They just do well child checks, and refer you if needed. When I talked to her about my problem, she wanted me the see a lactation specialist to get me feeding again.

    I think because they are government funded, they have to be pro breast only. It sucks.
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