being induced on April 7th at 34 w

Hi again ladies

I posted a few days ago about how my water broke at 32 weeks after being on bed rest for now 7 weeks for ptl. I made it to 33 weeks today and as long as little James continues to do well and there is no infection I will be induced April 7th at 34+1.

We have had a long time to adjust to the idea of having a preemie and when we started at 26w it was a very different situation. I feel slightly more calm about everything but we still have a lot to prepare for. It's been a crazy journey for 7 weeks with contractions most all day, weekly appointments, bed rest, now hospital bed rest and I am ready for it to be done. It's bitter sweet knowing that in a week I will no longer be pregnant and it still makes me sad to know I couldn't get my little boy to term but I am very pleased I could at least get him this far.

T&ps go out to all you mom's, it has been a crazy journey for me and I'm sure many of you have had your share of crazy times as well!
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Re: being induced on April 7th at 34 w

  • Sorry to hear its been a difficult time. My LO was born just short of 34 weeks and is doing great! We only had a few issues with eating in the beginning but now he eats like a champ. Wishing you and your LO all the best.
  • 34 weeks is fantastic!! Wishing you the best! :bz

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  • My boys are 34weekers and had a short, uneventful NICU stay. They're doing wonderfully now at 9mo and hitting milestones at actual age (in the beginning it was more towards adjusted but have closed the gap). Wishing you the best!

  • 34 weeks is awesome! You should be very proud of how far you've come. I hope that the birth goes smoothly and the NICU stay is short. Let us know how everything goes!

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  • You have done an AMAZING job getting this far! Hospital bedrest is so rough physically (loss of muscle and balance), mentally (cooped up in the same room for weeks on end), and emotionally (always putting on your happy face to keep outsiders from prying into what you're really feeling.)

    It's ok to be upset with how things didn't go like they say in the book. But, try and remind yourself that you've overcome a lot of things to get this far and keeping your LO growing.

    My twins were 34w5d and spent just 8 days in the NICU as feeders and growers. Praying that your LO has a smooth delivery and very uneventful special care stay, if even need be.

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  • Making it to 34 weeks is no small thing! Good luck with your induction
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    You did such a good job keeping him in!  You made it 7 weeks on bed rest which is wonderful!!  I know you wanted to make if further, I get that (you actually will be hitting my goal..  34 weeks, I didn't make it.), but you did such a great job!   I had a nurse tell me shortly after I delivered at 31 weeks, every day you kept them inside after you went into preterm labor was a gift to your babies...  You gave your baby 7 weeks of gifts...  Prayers for an uneventful NICU stay.  
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