November 2012 Moms

talk about stuff...!

Weekend plans?  Meals? Upcoming vacations or exciting happenings?  What are we all looking forward to or dreading?

Gonna make split pea soup tomorrow for the first time, Oakland A's Home opener Monday night ( I hope I don't regret messing with sammie's schedule, it might determine if I can go to night games this season).  Daddy bought sammie (and us) an annual pass to fairyland which I am UBER excited about. 

A few goals:  get more detailed shopping lists together by meal planning better and hopefully organize the last batch of clothes she's outgrown.

I really miss the posts from you gals so fill me in with the details of your days!

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Re: talk about stuff...!

  • No big plans this weekend.

    We just filed our income tax.
    I applied for maternityleave EI (a big pain in the ass this time since the company I went back to work for declared bankruptcy just after I started work).

    I need to register Isaac's birth...
    DH returns to work this Monday, so I'm getting ready to take care of the two kids on my own for a few days.
    We still have the sitter for a day or two each week until the end of April, so I will get a bit of a break from time to time. And hopefully adjusting goes really well really quickly.

    Not cooking anything fancy this weekend.
    My sister is coming next weekend, so we will make something nice then.

    Trying to clean up DD's bedroom for her to share.
    Gotta prepare DS1 for his move into the other bedroom so baby can have the crib.

  • No big plans this weekend. We went shopping yesterday for vacation, but it has been icky all weekend here. Was 60 degrees yesterday morning then snowed around 1pm yesterday afternoon. My mom is coming down today because I leave the pack and play up there for when we visit so Emma has a place to nap. No big plans for food, I really need to get better with it. It's just so hard when I work 12 hrs days and DH is opposed to the crock pot... I've gotten back into reading as of lately and forgot how much I love it!
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  • Vincent (and the rest of us) just getting over the flu/stomach virus. We escaped the house yesterday for what felt like the first time in weeks! Went to the mall to see the Easter Bunny. Today will be food shopping and a trip to BRU (rare 25%off everything--including diapers---coupon) for diapers and likely our double stroller. I also have pampers coupons and rewards coupons so that makes it even better! NYS testing in ELA for my students this week. Very stressful time. Looking forward to all this being over....but we have math testing in another month. UGH!
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  • kbl13kbl13 member
    This is just a lazy weekend for us (which is sometimes the best kind). I am marinating a few steaks for DH to grill for dinner and we plan to take a long walk once B wakes up from his nap. Here's a pic of my sleepy guy this morning:
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  • Dh is not around so LO and I jogged on Saturday, had lunch, napped and went out to a local area restaurant to celebrate the zoo. Today we were supposed to go to a bday party in the park but we got there and LO wanted nothing to do with it. We played a bit, packed stones into the undercarriage of the stroller, had a tantrum on the street, came home for lunch, smeared it everywhere, force fed the rest to mommy and the passed out while listening to the raffi song "thanks a lot". Next weekend we are going to a baseball game for a bit. This week we are doing the routine, I hope.
  • We are wrapping up spring break here.  DH's school had break the same week (a rarity for us) so we were able to spend some quality time with DD.  Today was the only day with nice weather so we were able to go to the zoo for a bit.  I'm dreading going back to school tomorrow.  This pregnancy is totally kicking my butt!  The good news is that I only have two more weeks of work before my maternity leave begins.  The bad news is that I have a million things that I need to accomplish before then.

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  • had a nice weekend, got my 4th day of snowboarding in with DH and it was sunny and fluffy. DH is gone for business tonight and Ill just be hangin with LO...

    Headed to FL for Easter on the 12th and I cant wait.  One last hurrah before trying for #2.

    Nothing planned this week but eating well in preparation for wearing a swimsuit...getting my hair and toes done next weekend.
  • lanea8712lanea8712 member
    edited April 2014
    I've got burger defrosted and no clue what I'd want to make with it... 

    I will be unpacking and hopefully some decorating this week and the back yard all cleaned up and ready for flower beds. 

    I'm having a "I don't care, I give up, so sick of this crap" week so far and I feel like I've got no place to vent! It's about "DH" who right now can kiss my butt. I could prob vent here but I don't feel comfy giving details even though it's not "serious." Urgh.
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