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checking in ... miss you gals

Since I got my fancy phone I bearly use my laptop .. don't know if that's a good thing or bad thing. 

Hope everyone is doing well. Recovering from icckies and new babies?! 

Sammies nail was flapping in the breeze and she refused to wear a band aid so I had to clip the nail off, about 2/3 of the nail is gone and the part that's left doesn't bother her half as much.  I think I can see new nail growing so here is hoping she doesn't have a funky nail forever, but if she does... I won't complain because.. c'mon .. its just a nail.

We are o the edge of talking finally I think.  She is listening and mimicking lots more.  Very clearly says NO when she is upset.  She said Elmo yesterday but couldn't do it again when we asked.

We are spending our days walking, going to the park and when the weather lets us we get to the library.  I would guess in the month dad has been back at work I have walked over 40 miles for sure.  The soles on my tennis shoes are worn down enough to get new ones.

I'd like to say I am going to work on her naps and bed going bottle free but I won't commit to the effort. 

I will say everytime I AW or comment on TB I feel like it jinxes me.. our SSTN has been out the window the last 2 nights and yesterday she pooped and peed during "let it be free" time. (The poop was funny, I was trying to post to instagram and I looked over to see her squeezing one out... !

Here is a shot from a recent shoot

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Re: checking in ... miss you gals

  • Your pic is too cute.

    I'm just hanging here, mentally preparing myself to take care of a 16 month old who is constantly climbing on furniture and a 2 week old baby, while daddy returns to work on Monday. All while keeping the cat a safe distance from the kids, and the kids a safe distance from the cat.
  • Sammie is so stinking cute!! That pic is adorable! As for me just trying to get through this next week because we are taking the baby on her first "spring break" as a family! I'm hoping it's going to be nice enough to go to the beach!
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