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2 week work trip

Ladies, seeking advice. I'm taking a two week international trip for work in May. DS will be almost 9 months and stay at home with DH. I am feeling very anxious about leaving him that long. I have a huge freezer stash so I know he will continue to take breast milk but I'm anxious about two things:.1. Will he go back to nursing after two weeks? 2. Is he going to be upset/traumatized because I left him? I'm bound to a bit heartbroken as I'm already worried! Any experiences and/or advice for managing the trip would be appreciated. Will cross post in working moms forum. Thank you!

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  • I don't have any advice but eeeek! I feel for you. I have a 2 day work trip coming up next month and I'm worried about THAT!

    Will you plan to *cringe* pump and dump while you're traveling to keep up your supply?

    I hope it goes ok. I'm sure the time will fly by and you will be home with your LO. Hopefully you have good internet where you are and can video chat!
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  • I'm not at all in the same situation but can somewhat relate and give some advice- I had my daughter on Jan 8 and placed her for adoption on Jan 10. I have a VERY open adoption and EP for her. I nursed her in the hospital and at every visit until she was almost 8 weeks old. Even though she was bottle fed she nursed completely fine- it was 5-7 days apart and once it was 2 weeks. She did get angry for a bit because it was harder but adapted quickly. 

    It will probably be harder on you than it is for him. He will I'm sure miss you, but not be traumatrized- babies have no concept of time. He may just need more snuggled and loves from your husband. One thing you can do is wear a few shirts for a night or two and leave them for your husband to put against him while feeding your son- babies primarily recognize us by smell for a while so this will comfort him and let him think you're near.
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  • I had to EP for 6 weeks while my LO was hospitalized on IV nutrition when he was 9 weeks old. It took some work, but we returned to BFing with no major issues.
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