I feel silly asking but can someone explain to me some of the abbreviation used on here. — The Bump
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I feel silly asking but can someone explain to me some of the abbreviation used on here.

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I have figured out some but a lot of the abbreviations are a little confusing lol. Not really sure what DH or DS exactly is suppose to mean and a few others that keep popping up.

Re: I feel silly asking but can someone explain to me some of the abbreviation used on here.

  • How do I find a list of commonly used abbreviations (like DH, DS, etc.)?

    - While on any Bump board, you can scroll down to "My Boards" on the left-hand side.

    - Click "Bump Board Glossary" for a full list of terms. 

    That was in the FAQ page... THEY LIE!!! lol 
    but I did find this : 

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  • wow my copy and paste didn't work LOL 

    AE: Alternate Ego

    AF: Aunt Flo(w) 

    AW: Attention Whore

    BC(P): Birth Control (Pills)

    BF: Breastfed

    BFN: Big Fat (F*cking) Negative

    BFP: Big Fat (F*cking) Positive

    BM: Breast Milk

    BSC: Bat Sh*t Crazy

    CD: Cloth Diapers/Diapering

    CIO: Cry It Out 

    DC: Dear(est) Child

    DD: Dear(est) Daughter 

    DD: Dirty Delete(d) if referred to a post/response  

    DH: Dear(est) Husband

    DS : Dear(est) Son

    EBF: Exclusively Breastfed

    EFF: Exclusively Formula Fed or Eco Friendly Family (board)

    ETA: Edit to The Above 

    EP: Exclusively Pump

    FF: Formula Fed

    FFFC: Flame-Free Friday Confession

    FFS: For F*cks Sake

    FTR: For The Record

    F/U: Follow Up 

    FWIW: For What It?s Worth 

    GBCN: Good Bye Cruel Nest

    GB(Y): God Bless(You)

    GTKYFB: Get To Know Your Fellow Bumpie 

    HTH: Hope That Helps 

    IDK: I Don't Know

    IIRC:  If I Recall Correctly

    IHO: In Honor Of 

    IMO: In My Opinion

    IMHO: In My Humble Opinion

    IRL: In Real Life 

    ITA: I Totally Agree

    JMHO: Just My Humble Opinion 

    KTFO: Knocked The F*ck Out

    KTFU: Knocked The F*ck Up

    KU: Knocked Up   

    KWIM: Know What I Mean

    LIP: Link In Post

    LO: Little One

    MUD: Made Up Drama 

    NBR: Not Baby Related

    NFT: No Further Text

    NMS: Not My Style 

    NIP: Nurse In Public

    OOT: Out Of Town 

    OTOH: On The Other Hand

    PITA: Pain In The A$$

    PIB: Picture In Bio 

    PIP: Picture In Post

    PIS: Picture In Signature (Siggy) 

    PM: Private Message

    PNP: Pack and Play 

    POAS: Pee On A Stick

    POTW: Picture Of The Week

    PP: PostPartum or Previous Poster 

    PPH: Pink Puffy Heart

    PH: Puffy Heart

    PSA: Public Service Announcement

    SAHD: Stay At Home Dad

    SAHM: Stay At Home Mom

    SFL: Save For Later

    SO: Significant Other

    S/O: Speaking Of

    STD: Short Term Disability

    STFU: Shut The F*ck Up

    STTN: Sleeping Through The Night

    TIA: Thanks In Advance

    TMI: Too Much Information 

    WAHD: Work At Home Dad

    WAHM: Work At Home Mom

    WDYT: What Do You Think 

    WOHD: Work Outside Home Dad

    WOHM: Work Outside Home Mom

    WWYD: What Would You Do

    XP: Cross Post 

    YGM: You've Got Mail

    YGPM: You've Got a Private Message

    YKWIM: You Know What I Mean 

    YWIA: You?re Welcome In Advance
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  • Thank you very much, this was really helpful. The dear husband thing was confusing and i still think kinda silly, but then again i'm not a big fan of abbreviating everything lol
  • yes I find it really annoying too
  • I saw the same question posted somewhere, can't remember where but someone posted a comment about a blog that has, well mostly has them all. https://ttcalblog.blogspot.ca/p/acronyms.html
    DS - March 9th 2014 TTC #2 - May 2015 BFP - October 2015 EDD - July 7th 2016
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    I am glad someone asked.  
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