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Lactose issue

My 1 year old son has been having major constipation issues since moving to WCM. My doctor put him a stool softener for a couple weeks and it worked like a charm. But now that he's off, the issues are slowly creeping back up.

Small poop nuggets after straining for some time to go. And when it gets really bad, there's usually 20 minutes of purple faced screaming and crying before we get a poop.

He's never been a great pooper but it's really gotten bad since the WCM transition.

Are there any types of readily available milk that have lower lactose levels besides the obvious lactose free? Do you think that could be the issue?

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  • It could def be the issue, try goats milk for a week.
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  • I don't know much about lactose itself but I know dairy in general can constipate you. DD had this issue and her GI doc recommended we start giving her fiber gummies daily and she hasn't had any trouble since! Good luck!
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  • To much calcium can cause constipation also.
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