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Strollers and snowy MN parking lots?

I'm totally confused on strollers, can anyone help?

Will a mall-walker type stroller (ie. travel system) get across the parking lot ok in MN winters, and can I use them outside on uneven sidewalks in non-snowy weather? Or do I need something with beefier wheels for that? I was thinking of getting something in between a travel system and a jogging stroller, like the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, but it seems to be a jack of all trades, master of really awkward infant seat adapters, kinda long overall, and a wide wheel base for indoors...but certainly better for uneven ground.  But the travel systems are so much easier with the infant seats, and height adjustable handles seems to be more common on them (that's a MUST for us, husband and I are a foot different in height).  I'm just worried they won't do the job outside, since I walk a LOT in nice weather, and I'm leery of carting an infant across an icy parking lot without a stroller since I don't want to slip!

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  • We have a Chicco travel system that is ok on the slush/snow. It would get you through a parking lot but makes winter walks difficult. We haven't had to much experience with uneven terrain yet (January baby) but it seems to handle ok but not a super smooth ride on slightly bumpy sidewalks. I am wondering if it would have been smarter to do the frame stroller for the infant seat and a more rugged stroller for later. We will see if spring ever gets here!
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  • We did really well with a basic, inexpensive baby trend 3 wheel stroller.  It has the larger wheels that are more like a bike tire and works well in snow.  (Truthfully, nothing is going to be perfect with our MN winters) The front wheel can swivel or be locked if you want to jog with it (which I may have done only a handful of times).  But honestly, the stroller has worked great for us and didn't cost a lot.  I'm 5'4" and my DH is 6'2" and we both have been comfortable with the handle height.  
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  • Thanks, I'll look into all of these! I really like the Britax, but I'm not crazy about how the car seats attach to the strollers, since you have to unhook them by holding the sides, rather than the front/back of the car seat. It makes it harder on my back, since you kinda have to lean over it, if that makes sense?
  • We have the Bob Revolution with the adapter for the infant seat.  That thing plows through the snow/ice like it's nothing.  
  • Baby wear.  Seriously.  No wrestling a stroller through the parking lot required.  I use an Ergo.
  • Thanks, everyone! It sounds like the mall-walkers would be annoying in the winter (and my back isn't too good, so baby-wearing for long periods of time would be hard for me), so I guess that leaves joggers and the "in-between" type strollers. Has anyone used the Graco fastaction fold 3-wheel strollers (the Sport or the Aire3), or the Bob Motion (4-wheel) stroller? I saw them online, but haven't actually seen them in person yet. I like the Revolution, but it looks heavy for taking in and out of the car a lot...might do something like that as a second stroller down the line for walking/exercising though.
  • I have the Chicco travel system and never had any issues with this through this terrible winter - remember that by the time you go out, most parking lots and sidewalks will be plowed.
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