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Little Dragon- A poem on Miscarriage


Little Dragon, a poem on miscarriage by KBG

Little Dragon

I saw it on the screen... 
It looked like a little Dragon.  
But where the head was was an empty circle.  
Where the heart was was nothing.
There was no brain development
no heartbeat
just a quiet little Dragon
in a perfect little bubble.

"Hello little one," I said.
It didn't answer me.

All was still.

"Hello," I said louder.

Again it did not respond.

A tear escaped my eye.
I said, "it's ok, it happens, it's ok".
The river inside opened.
I couldn't breathe-
neither could my dragon.
My dragon would never breathe.
"It's ok," I said, "it's ok.
It happens, just happens."
Better now than later I thought.
But as they pulled my Dragon's picture from the machine,
the picture just ten minutes before we were excitedly laughing about-
waiting for,
expecting to show my love....
Instead of handing it to me
they clipped it to the file.
I watched them close the manila folder,
covering my Dragon's first and last photo.
And it was done.
"8 tomorrow," They said.
"8 tomorrow," I said.
They hugged me, handed me tissues.
I watched the folder with my Dragon's picture leave the room.
I say goodbye to you tomorrow Dragon.
Please Dragon,
please wake up!
Show them they are wrong!
Wriggle and pump and breathe!!
Please dragon, please.
Show them you are ok, that I am ok, that we are ok and will grow together 
nourished by each other for months until i can finally hold you in my hands!
My sweet Dragon.
Wake up!!
Answer me!
Before it's too late!

"Hello little Dragon," I said quietly,
hugging myself.
"Goodbye little Dragon."

Re: Little Dragon- A poem on Miscarriage

  • Beautiful poem. So sorry for your loss. ::hugs::

    Started dating Hubby May 17 2005. Married since Aug 20 2011 
    Me:30   Hubby:31
    TTC since May 2012 
    HSG Dec 2012 Fill no spill on left side, right side normal (most physically painful experience of my life..)
    Metformin Started May 2013
    PG#1: BFP 10-21-13. EDD 6-17-14 mmc 12-9-13 m/c occurred with cytotec on 12-11-13 
    PG#2: BFP 07-25-14.  EDD 4-5-15   *Hoping this is my rainbow*
    Diagnosed with PCOS, Hypothyroid,IBD/UC, (UC in remission as of July 2014)
    *I will always love you Fetey the first.* 


  • I'm so sorry for your loss. :(


    PG#1 - 3rd cycle BFP. Team Green. HELLP syndrome @ 34 weeks.
    Later diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, possible link to HELLP.

    PG#2 M/C 3/14 - Surprise BFP 2/13. Beta's doubled every 52 hours from 3w5d-5w5d
    Viable pregnancy scan at 5w5d; 2nd u/s showed 2 days of growth in 7 but a HB of 120
    3rd u/s on 3/10/14 had no HB and baby had only grown 7 days over 14
    D&C 3/17/14 - complications - DX Retroflexed uterus, multiple tears to cervix

    All Welcome


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  • Beautiful and very relatable. It's hard to say goodbye before we truly even got to say hello. I am so sorry for your loss.
  • very moving. I am so sorry for your loss.
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